A Windows installer for the Hack typeface
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Hack Windows Installer

A Windows installer for the Hack typeface.

While it might seem like overkill to use a Windows installer for fonts, there is good reason for this on the Windows platform. A number of things can go wrong when one tries to install or update frequently updated fonts manually (see issue #152, issue #129 and issue #362 in the Hack repository).

This installer addresses nearly all of the commonly obeserved issues.


  • Download HackFontsWindowsInstaller.exe from Releases
  • Double click HackFontsWindowsInstaller.exe
  • If you see a Windows protected your PC message, click on More info and select Run anyway. This Windows SmartScreen warning can be safely ignored, the installer is virus and addware free (see VirusTotal report for each release)
  • Follow the installation instructions
  • If a font file was installed or removed, the installer will request a reboot

Installer Source

You may review the comment annotated installer source in HackWindowsInstaller.iss.

To build this setup yourself, download the most recent ANSI (not Unicode) version of Inno Setup. Install it and activate the option to install the Inno Setup Preprocessor. Double-click HackWindowsInstall.iss (folder src), which will load it in Inno Setup and select Build - Compile.

We release the compiled installer with its SHA256 hash digest and VirusTotal malware scan report link in Releases.

Silent Installation

To install silently, use the following command:


To remove it silently:

C:\Program Files\Hack Fonts\unins000.exe /VERYSILENT /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES /NORESTART


The installer creates a log file on the path C:\Users\ (Username) \AppData\Local\Temp\Setup Log (Year-Month-Day) #XXX.txt with full information, as well as C:\Program Files\Hack Fonts\Log-FontData.txt. The later only contains a subset of the first.

If you are using EMET: If the "Only trusted fonts" option is activated, you need to declare Hack as trusted or it will not be usable.


Any constructive contribution is very welcome!

In order to fix a bug you have encountered, we require the log file. To view this log file, do the following:

  • Open the folder C:\Program Files\Hack Fonts (or C:\Program Files\Hack Windows Installer if you installed it before 1.6.0)
  • Locate the file called Log-FontData.txt
  • Open a new issue
  • Paste the entire text of the log file


Copyright © 2016-2018 Michael Hex / Source Foundry. Licensed under the MIT License. For details, please see LICENSE.txt.