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Editor support

Installing our code locally will allow your editor to extract information from our code, giving you additional features like auto-complete (also known as IntelliSense).

Installing these definitions is optional, but will be incredibly useful if your editor supports this. All editors in our recommended list besides IDLE will support it.


Our API, the code you interact with, can be installed using Python's built-in package manager pip. On Windows, pip is already installed as part of Python; on other systems you'll need to look up how to install it. See here for troubleshooting on Windows.

pip install git+

Simply start/restart your editor of choice, and it should detect our code and be able to autocomplete immediately.

Upgrading installation

When we release new updates, you'll need to update the locally installed version too, so you have the most up to date definitions. To do this, simply repeat the previous command with --update:

pip install git+ --update

Permission error

The above commands may require administrator access to the computer. If you're getting a Permission Denied error of some sorts, you may need to add --user to the end. This is likely needed on a shared computer, such as those you may find in your colleges.

pip install git+ --user
pip install git+ --update --user

{{% notice note %}} On macOS / Linux, you could also use sudo to run the command as root. On Windows, you may need to re-run using command prompt as an administrator. {{% /notice %}}

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