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Besides the Raspberry Pi, there are 3 main controller boards to interface with your kit.

Motor Board Power Board Servo Assembly Raspberry Pi
Motor Board Power Board Servo Assembly Pi

Kit contents

With your kit, you should have the following boards:

Part Quantity
Raspberry Pi 1
Motor Board 1
Power Board 1
Servo Assembly (Arduino + Servo Shield) 1

Other parts we want back

In addition to the boards, your kit will also contain:

Part Quantity Specification Notes
Battery Bag 1
Battery Charger 1 iMAX B6
Battery Charger Power Supply 1 12V 5A
Battery 2 11.1V 3S 25C 2200mAh Lithium Polymer
USB Hub 1
Micro USB Cable 2
USB B Cable 1
Large CamCon 2 7.5mm
Medium CamCon 2 5mm
Small CamCon 3 3.81mm 1 additionally found on Raspberry Pi power cable
Raspberry Pi Power Cable 1 Micro USB to small CamCon

Parts we don't mind you keeping

Part Quantity Specification Notes
Black Wire 3m
Red Wire 3m
Blue Wire 3m
USB Memory Stick 2
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