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import enum
import logging
import time
from typing import Callable
from robot.board import Board
LOGGER = logging.getLogger(__name__)
# Keep this in sync with `robotd`
class PowerOutput(enum.Enum):
"""An enumeration of the outputs on the power board."""
H0 = 0
H1 = 1
L0 = 2
L1 = 3
L2 = 4
L3 = 5
class PowerBoard(Board):
"""A power board, controlling the power distribution for the robot."""
'c': 261,
'd': 294,
'e': 329,
'f': 349,
'g': 392,
'a': 440,
'b': 493,
'uc': 523,
def __init__(
on_start_signal: Callable[[], None] = lambda: None,
) -> None:
super().__init__(*args, **kwargs)
self._on_start_signal = on_start_signal
def power_on(self):
Turn on power to all power board outputs.
self._send_and_receive({'power': True})
def power_off(self):
Turn off power to all power board outputs.
self._send_and_receive({'power': False})
def _set_output(self, output: PowerOutput, value: bool) -> None:
Turn on and off individual power outputs.
if not isinstance(value, bool):
raise TypeError("Value must be a boolean (True/False)")
'power-output': output.value,
'power-level': value,
def power_on_output(self, output: PowerOutput) -> None:
Turn on power to a specific power board output.
self._set_output(output, True)
def power_off_output(self, output: PowerOutput) -> None:
Turn off power to a specific power board output.
self._set_output(output, False)
def set_start_led(self, value: bool):
"""Set the state of the start LED."""
self._send_and_receive({'start-led': value})
def start_button_pressed(self) -> bool:
Read the status of the start button.
status = self._send_and_receive({})
return status["start-button"]
def wait_start(self) -> None:
Block until the start button is pressed.
"""'Waiting for start button.')
start_time = time.time()
led_value = True
while not self.start_button_pressed:
if time.time() - start_time >= 0.1:
led_value = not led_value
start_time = time.time()
self._on_start_signal()"Starting user code.")
def buzz(self, duration, *, note=None, frequency=None) -> None:
"""Enqueue a note to be played by the buzzer on the power board."""
if note is None and frequency is None:
raise ValueError("Either note or frequency must be provided")
if note is not None and frequency is not None:
raise ValueError("Only provide note or frequency")
if note is not None:
frequency = self.BUZZ_NOTES[note.lower()]
if frequency is None:
raise ValueError("Invalid frequency")
self._send_and_receive({'buzz': {
'frequency': frequency,
'duration': int(duration * 1000),
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