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Arduino with servo shield firmware
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Servo Firmware

The firmware for SourceBots' servo board.

It communicates using commands sent over the USB serial pins.

Commands consist of a single character, followed by up to two arguments. The command is not separated from the first argument, but the first and second argument are separated by a space.

Request IDs can be specified by prefacing your command with @int, for example @8335. This is then returned with the command response and can be used to prevent race conditions.


Command Description Parameter 1 Parameter 2
A Read the analogue pins
L Control the debug LED State {H, L}
R Read a digital pin Pin Number
S Control a servo Servo Number Width
U Read an ultrasound distance Trigger Pin Echo Pin
V Get the firmware version
W Write to a Pin Pin Number Pin State {H, L, P, Z}

Example Commands

Read the analogue pins: A

Turn on the debug LED: LH

Read the ultrasound distance: U4 5

Set pin 6 High: W6 H

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