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2.4.1 - August 28th, 2013
* Bug Fixes
* Playout Engine locking issue
* Liquidsoap input harbor blocking scheduled contents
* Mono file playout problems
* Adding watched folder sometimes causes an exception based on length format
2.4.0 - June 18th, 2013
* New features
* Show linking
* Repeating shows on every nth week of the month (2nd Monday etc)
* Waveform Editor (for cues/fades)
* Global crossfade setting, separate global fade in/fade out setting
* Library view shows which tracks are scheduled and/or in playlist
* Opus and AAC/AAC+ output support
* Improvements/Bug Fixes
* Show creation overhaul
* Library view re-ordering columns issue fixed
* Improved track length detection
2.3.1 - March 19th, 2013
* Bug fixes
* Security fixes with running unescaped shell commands
* Fix backend services not coming back online if RabbitMQ crashed and
then restarted
* Fix uninstall not properly cleaning system
* Improved Services watchdog (test whether Services are running and
responding, not just running)
* Much faster library import (Silan analyzer runs in background)
* Fixed zombie process sometimes being created
* Other
* Upgrade to Mutagen (tag reader) 1.21
2.3.0 - Jan 21st, 2013
* New features
* Localization (Chinese, Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Korean,
Portuguese, Russian, Spanish)
* User management page for non-admin users
* Listener statistics (Icecast/Shoutcast)
* Airtime no longer requires Apache document root
* Replay Gain offset in real-time
* Enable/disable replay gain
* Liquidsoap memory footprint improvements
* Automatically set cue points on import to avoid leading/trailing silence
2.2.1 - December 4th, 2012
* Bug fixes
* Improved fades between webstreams
* Fix webstreams disconnecting occasionally
* Put 'and' and 'or' connectors between smart blocks
* Fix inability to preview webstreams in the Now Playing page on some
* Fix airtime-import script failing on FLAC files
* Fix DJ's being able to delete files they don't own
* Add support for 'x-scpls' webstream playlist types
* Fix media-monitor requiring a restart for initial import.
2.2.0 - October 25th, 2012
* New features
* Smart Playlists
* Webstream rebroadcasts
* Replaygain support
* FLAC + WAV support (AAC if you compile your own Liquidsoap)
* Huge performance increase on library import
* User ownership of files
* Stereo/mono streams
* Rescan watched folders button (useful for network drives where keeping in sync is more difficult)
2.1.3 - July 4th, 2012
* Changes
* Clarify inputs and output labels under stream settings
* Bug Fixes
* Fix playout engine crashing in rare cases after the system is restarted
* Fix entries in the Calendar unable to have multiple icons (recorded icon, soundcloud icon etc.)
* Fixed unwatching a watched folder with a large number of files (50,000+) can take a long time
* Fixed files deleted in the Web UI would delete files from the disk in watched folders
* Fixed jQuery widgets not showing the incorrectly showing the past Sunday on Sunday
* Fixed dragging and dropping tracks into a live show could cause to web UI to become unsynchronized from what is actually playing
* Fixed unable to receive mono streams for Master or Show source rebroadcasts
2.1.2 - June 18th, 2012
* Bug Fixes
* Fixed problem where playout engine may not retrieve program schedule after extended periods of user inactivity.
2.1.1 - June 12th, 2012
* Changes
* Add Media page will now display error message and reject uploaded file if it is corrupt
* jQuery schedule widget now show upcoming Sunday instead of previous Sunday
* fixed uploading files with upper case file extensions
* fixed master/source override URL being reverted to original setting after clicking 'Save' in stream settings.
* Add several helpful tips in the Stream Settings page and some UI cleanup
* DJ user type cannot delete Playlists that aren't their own or delete tracks
* Playlist Builder should remember your position instead of reseting to the first page everytime an operation was performed
* If Master or Live input source is disconnected, Airtime will no longer automatically switch off that source. This should allow the source to
reconnect and continue playback.
* Bug fixes
* Fixed playout engine sometimes not receiving new schedule which could result in dead air
* Fixed script timeout which caused Apache to become unresponsive
* Fixed various Apache warnings
* Fixed not being able to delete some tracks that had been played
* Fixed calendar highlighting the wrong day due to server timezone being different from client browser timezone
* Promote my station opt-out button now works
* Fixed recording working sporadically on some system configurations
2.1.0 - June 5th, 2012
* The cool stuff:
* Real-time show editing in the Now Playing and Calendar screens
* Add/Remove/Rearrange tracks within a show, even if it currently playing
* Color-coded which tracks are inside the show, which are on the show boundary, and which are outside the show boundary
* Ability to cut all tracks that are outside the show boundary
* Edit the length of a show that is currently playing
* Live Stream Rebroadcasting
* Two live streams can be connected to Airtime: DJ stream and Master stream. The DJ stream can connect to Airtime and override the scheduled playout. The Master stream can connect to Airtime and override the DJ stream and the scheduled playout. Live Streams are activated in the interface and the interface displays which stream is being output.
* Library usability improvements
* Bulk actions added: "Add to Playlist", "Add to Show", and "Delete File"
* Ability to choose which columns to display and the order of the columns, sort by multiple columns
* Any metadata can be shown in the list
* Added a "Date Uploaded" column
* Preview tracks
* Ability to seek to a specific part of a track
* Ability to listen to all tracks in a playlist or show back-to-back.
* Media Monitor - added support for network and USB drives.
* Removing a watched directory and adding it again preserves playlists & shows with those files.
* An icon in the playlist shows whether a file is missing on disk, warning the user that the playlist will not go according to plan.
* Media monitor detects add and removal of watched temporary local storage (USB disks for example) and network drives.
* Broadcast Log - export play count of tracks within a given time range. Useful for royalty reporting purposes.
* Minor Improvements:
* Ability to turn off the broadcast.
* Editing metadata in the library will update the metadata on disk.
* Password reset - user can request a password reset if they forgot it.
* Overbooked shows now fade out properly
* Playlists & Shows can now be infinite length. Previously they were limited to 24 hours long.
* Default fade time set to 0.5 of a second
* Repeating shows default to "No End"
* Ability to "View on Soundcloud" for recorded shows in the calendar
* "Listen" preview player no longer falls behind the broadcast (you can only mute the stream now, not stop it)
* Tracks that cannot be played will be rejected on upload and put in to the directory "/srv/airtime/stor/problem_files" (but currently it will not tell you that it rejected them - sorry\!)
* Library is automatically refreshed when media import is finished
* Show "Disk Full" message when trying to upload a file that wont fit on the disk
* Reduced CPU utilization for OGG streams
* New command line utilities:
* airtime-test-soundcard - verify that the soundcard is working
* airtime-test-icecast - verify that you can connect to an Icecast server
2.0.3 - April 3rd, 2012
* Bug Fixes:
* monit user should have read-only permissions by default
* pypo user's shell should be /bin/false by default
2.0.2 - February 28, 2012
* Bug Fixes:
* Fixed Airtime could stop automatically playing after 24 hours if the web interface isn't used (regression in 2.0.1).
* Fixed Airtime could stop automatically recording after 2 hours if the web interface isn't used.
* Fixed upgrading from 1.8.2 when the stor directory was a symlink would cause filenames to not be preserved.
* Fixed Day View in the Now Playing tab showed some items on incorrect days.
* Fixed problems with having an equal '=' sign as an icecast password
* Other
* Various optimizations to make Airtime feel snappier in the browser. Various views should
load much quicker.
2.0.1 - February 14, 2012
* Changes:
* Widgets should have a version string so users can make sure widgets are up to date
* Bug Fixes:
* Fixed: Media monitor should not change the ownership of watched files if unnecessary
* Fixed: Sometimes the Current Playing Item on the top Panel in the UI incorrectly shows "Nothing Scheduled"
* Fixed: Stream settings page does not remember the stream metadata format
* Fixed: Airtime is missing Australia and Arctic timezones
* Fixed: Shows not recorded after upgrade to 2.0.0 from 1.8.2
* Fixed: Don't make it necessary users clear their browser cache when Airtime is upgraded
* Fixed: Media-Monitor does not handle corrupt audio metadata gracefully
2.0.0 - January 24, 2012
* The cool stuff:
* Stream configuration through the browser
* You can have up to three streams with different bitrates and point them
to different Icecast/SHOUTcast servers
* Any connection problems between Liquidsoap and Icecast are shown in the
interface (no more blaming Airtime for your misconfigured Icecast
* Ability to change the hardware output API from the browser: you can now
switch between ALSA, OSS, AO, Pulseaudio, and Portaudio.
* Listen from the browser: You can now listen to the streams directly from
the web interface without having to start a 3rd party application(such
as VLC) to listen to the stream.
* Service monitoring from the browser: You can now see the status of the
services and the disk space available.
* Time zone can now be set in the browser. Times are now stored in the
database in UTC time, there is no more need to adjust server time or
values stored in ".htaccess" or "php.ini" files.
* Ability to change the "Start Day of the Week" that is shown in the
* View settings saved in calendar(time scale and time increments) and
playlists(number of items displayed, search term)
* Soundcloud integration improvements
* Upload any clip to Soundcloud (not just the recorded shows as it was
in previous versions)
* Upload many files at once
* View the file on once it is uploaded
* Re-upload a file to Soundcloud (for example, if the file has been
* Automatically set the Soundcloud "Downloadable" flag
* Protection against brute-force password guessing attacks: after three
failed login attempts, the user will be presented with a RECAPTCHA.
* Right-click on an item in the library to see the metadata for the audio
* Notification of new Airtime releases built into the interface.
* Improvements
* Add Show: only allow valid input when entering times
* Login page auto-focuses on user name field
* Install checks that Virtualenv is functional before proceeding
* Added a 404 page design
* Changing password does not require first & last name to be filled in
* The playlist now expands as you add items instead of keeping everything
within a small scrolled box.
* Better error checking in cases where two users alter the same data at
the same time (for example, in playlists and shows)
* Playlists: Removed intermediate "Add Playlist" screen where it asked you
to fill in the name and description of the playlist. This wasnt
necessary since everything could be changed from the playlist editor
* Added "airtime-log" command to display, dump, and view all of Airtime's
log files
* Bug fixes
* Liquidsoap logs are now logrotated
* Media monitor
* Now correctly handles the case where a watched directory or
subdirectory is deleted or moved
* Fixed bug where Airtime import could start reading a file before it
had finished copying, leading to import failure. This only happened
in rare cases.
1.9.5 - Nov 2, 2011
* Bug fixes:
* (CC-2743, CC-2769) Fixed problem where Media-Monitor would try to parse a
file's metadata while the OS was still copying it
* (CC-2882) Fixed a bug where a couldn't unregister an old directory name
from Airtime after it was renamed.
* (CC-2891) Fixed a bug with parsing Unicode metadata in audio files.
* (CC-2972) Fixed a bug where systems behind a firewall would have Airtime
services communicating via its external IP.
* (CC-2975) Issue with older python-virtualenv identified. Airtime installer
now requires virtualenv >= 1.4.9
* (CC-3012, CC-3013) Fixed an issue with Media-Monitor crashing when parsing
certain audio tracks
1.9.4 - Sept 13, 2011
* Improvements
- DEB packages now available for Ubuntu & Debian
- "airtime-easy-install" DEB package now available which will install
everything with a single click
- "airtime-import" command-line utility now offers better help when invalid
parameters have been passed.
* Fixes
- Fixed "Show Contents" displaying full-length of tracks, even if cue-points
had been set.
- Fixed start date of show not updating after dragging and dropping.
- Fixed audio preview still playing after deleting a file in the Playlist
- Fixed uploads via the web-interface while using Internet Explorer failing
when tracks contained "+" or whitespace characters.
- Fixed issue where deleting a file from the Playlist Builder wouldn't
always refresh the list to remove the file.
- Fixed issue where upgrading from any previous Airtime would set
"Toronto/America" as the default timezone
- Fixed playout engine (Pypo) using a large amount of CPU when there was a
long history of played shows
- Fixed playout engine (Pypo) using 100% CPU when it could not connect to
- Fixed issue where incorrect Start Date and Time entered for a new show was
not handled gracefully
- Fixed issue where using Cyrillic characters in a show name would sometimes
cause it to not play
- Fixed pypo hanging if web server is unavailable
- Fixed items that were being dragged and dropped in the Playlist Builder
being obscured by other UI elements.
1.9.3 - August 26th, 2011
* Improvements
- It is now possible to upgrade your system while a show is playing.
Playout will be temporarily interrupted for about 5-10 seconds and then
playout will resume. Previously playout would not resume until the next
scheduled show.
* Fixes
- Fixed bug where playout system did not work with mono files.
- Fixed bug where sometimes audio files could be played out of order.
1.9.2 - August 23rd, 2011
* Fixes
- Fixed restarting sometimes caused media-monitor to forget all of its
watched directories
- Fixed Media-monitor crashes when moving sub-directories within its watched
- Upgrade script would crash on upgrade from 1.8.2
1.9.1 - August 17th, 2011
* Fixes
- "airtime-user" shell script failing to start
- Progress bar for tracks appearing when no content scheduled
- Fix upgrades from Airtime 1.8.2 failing
- Fix various install issues with virtualenv
- Prevent users from doing a manual install of Airtime if they already have
the Debian package version installed
* Changes
- Support Settings moved to a seperate page accessible by Admin user only.
1.9.0 - August 9, 2011
The cool stuff:
* New file storage system.
- Human-readable file structure. The directory structure and file names on
disk are now human-readable. This means you can easily find files using
your file browser on your server.
- Magic file synchronization. Edits to your files are automatically
noticed by Airtime. If you edit any files on disk, such as trimming the
length of a track, Airtime will automatically notice this and adjust the
playlist lengths and shows for that audio file.
- Auto-import and multiple-directory support. You can set any number of
directories to be watched by Airtime. Any new files you add to watched
directories will be automatically imported into Airtime, and any deleted
files will be automatically removed.
- The "airtime-import" command line tool can now set watched directories
and change the storage directory.
- Graceful recovery from reboot. If the playout engine starts up and
detects that a show should be playing at the current time, it will skip
to the right point in the track and start playing. Previously, Airtime
would not play anything until the next show started. This also fixes a
problem where the metadata on the stream was lost when a file had
cue-in/out values set. Thanks to the Liquidsoap developers for
implementing the ability to do all of this!
- Output to Shoutcast. Now both Shoutcast and Icecast are supported.
- A new "Program Manager" role. A program manager can create shows but
can't change the preferences or modify users.
- No more rebooting after install! Airtime now uses standard SystemV initd
scripts instead of non-standard daemontools. This also makes for a much
faster install.
- Frontend widgets are much easier to use and their theme can be modified
with CSS (Click here for more info and installation instructions).
- Improved installation - only one command to install on Ubuntu!
* Improvements:
- Cumulative time shown on playlists. The Playlist Builder now shows the
total time since the beginning of the playlist for each song.
- "End Time" instead of "Duration". In the Add/Edit Show dialog, we
replaced the "Duration" field with "End Time". Users reported that this
was a much more intuitive way to schedule the show. Duration is still
shown as a read-only field.
- Feedback & promotion system. Airtime now includes a way to send feedback
and promote your site on the Sourcefabric web page. This will greatly
enhance our ability to understand who is using the software, which in
turn will allow us to make appropriate features and receive grant
- The show recorder can now instantly cancel a show thanks to the use of
- Only admins have the ability to delete files now.
- The playout engine now runs with a higher priority. This should help
prevent any problems with audio skipping.
- Airtime has been contained. It is now easier to run other apps on the
same system with Airtime because it no longer messes with the system-wide
Python or PHP configurations. The python libraries needed for Airtime are
now contained in a local Python virtualenv, and the PHP config variables
are set in the Apache virtualhost and .htaccess files.
- Message indicating import status is now displayed on Playlist Builder
page( above the search box).
* Bug fixes:
- Fixed bug where you couldn't import a file with a name longer than 255
- Fixed bug where searching an audio archive of 15K+ files was slow.
- Fixed bug where upgrading from more than one version back
(e.g. 1.8.0 -> 1.9.0) did not work.
- Fixed bug where the wrong file length was reported for very large CBR
mp3 files (thanks to mutagen developers for the patch!)
1.8.2 - June 8, 2011
* Improvements:
- You can now download audio files from the search screen and from the "Show
Content" screen.
- The "Now Playing" screen now shows whether a show is being recorded.
- In the "Playlist Builder" screen, you can now edit the title of the
playlist and the description inline, without having to switch to another
- When you click on "Add Show", the cursor is placed on the show title field
and a default name is automatically filled in.
- It is now possible to cancel a show that was recording.
- An new command-line program was added to verify an installation and help
identify where problems are: "airtime-check-system"
- Airtime now runs on Ubuntu 11.04 (though we do not offer support for
* Bug fixes:
- Fixed serious problem with the upgrading and installing process. The
Airtime install will now automatically detect if you should upgrade or
install and take the appropriate action. Reinstalls cannot happen except
by using a specific command.
- "Show Contents" screen will now display properly on smaller screens.
- Install/uninstall now works on Debian without needing the "sudo" command.
- Editing a playlist name or deleting a playlist now reflects immediately in
the media search window.
- In the "Add Media" page, the "start upload" button vanished after upload.
Now it remains there after upload so it is possible to upload again.
- When canceling a playing show, the currently playing audio file still
showed as playing. This has been fixed.
- Audio files greater than 100MB were not being played.
- Fixed uploading audio on Chrome 11 and higher
- Fixed various editing show problems
- Fixed airtime-pypo-stop/start causing playback problems
- Fixed incorrect information being occasionally shown in the top panel
- Fixed problem with Record Check box occasionally being greyed-out when
creating new show
- Fixed a problem with default genre not being applied to recorded shows
- Fixed a problem where shows repeating bi-weekly or monthly did not update
properly when edited.
- Fixed problem when a user changed the name of a recorded show right before
it started playing would cause the recorded audio not to be linked to the
- and many more...
1.8.1 - May 2, 2011
* Fixed issue where an track's progress bar would keep updating, even if the
track was no longer playing.
* Fixed problem where editing a show would only update some of the show
* Fixed an issue related to editing a show that had instances scheduled in the
* airtime-clean-storage command-line utility should now work properly
* Fixed an issue related the "airtime-import" command-line utility
* Fixed an issue with the Airtime Debian package overwriting configuration
* Fixed some database install issues on Debian
* Fixed an issue with show names and foreign characters causing the show to
not start (temporarily disabled allowing the usage of these characters)
1.8.0 - April 19, 2011
* The biggest feature of this release is the ability to edit shows. You can
change everything from ‘Name’, ‘Description’, and ‘URL’, to repeat and
rebroadcast days. Show instances will be dynamically created or removed as
needed. Radio stations will be pleased to know they can now have up to
ten rebroadcast shows too.
* Airtime’s calendar now looks, feels and performs better than ever. Loading
a station schedule is now five to eight times faster. In our tests of 1.7,
if the month calendar had shows scheduled for every hour of every day, it
used to take 16 seconds to load. Now in 1.8 it takes two seconds.
* It is possible to have up to ten rebroadcast shows now, in 1.7 it was only
up to five.
* Airtime’s new installation script has two options for increased install
flexibility: --preserve to keep your existing config files, or --overwrite
to replace your existing config files with new ones. Uninstall no longer
removes Airtime config files or the music storage directory.
* New improved look & feel of the calendar (thanks to the "FullCalendar"
jQuery project).
* Installation now puts files in standard locations in the Linux file
hierarchy, which prepares the project to be accepted into Ubuntu and Debian.
Also because of our wish to be part of those projects, the default output
stream type is now OGG instead of MP3 -- due to MP3 licensing issues.
This configuration can be changed in "/etc/airtime/liquidsoap.conf".
* You now have the ability to start and stop pypo and the show recorder from
the command line with the commands "airtime-pypo-start",
"airtime-pypo-stop", "airtime-show-recorder-start", and
* Bug fixes:
- CC-2192 Schedule sent to pypo is not sorted by start time.
- CC-2175 Overbooking: Cut off shows when they are done
- CC-2174 Need formatting and a warning icon for the message for overbooking
a show
- CC-2039 Upload file: file name cropped
- CC-2177 Schedule editing does not work under Firefox 4
1.7.0 - April 4, 2011
* Recording and automatic scheduling/broadcasting of live shows
- Recording/rebroadcast status of a show is shown in "Now Playing" and
- Can rebroadcast a show at multiple times and dates
* Automatic upload of recorded shows to Soundcloud
* Frontend JQuery widgets for public-facing websites to show your visitors
what's playing and the upcoming schedule.
* Ability to over-book a show and automatically cut and fade out song if it
goes beyond the show time
* Ability to delete audio files
* Ability to cancel the currently playing show
* Any changes to the schedule are immediately seen by the playout engine
- In version 1.6, you had to make sure that your show was ready to go 30
seconds before it started.
* Upgrade support (should be able to upgrade from any version, unlike 1.6.1
which required an uninstall of 1.6.0 first)
* "Now Playing" list view:
- audio items are now grouped by show.
- If a show is not fully scheduled, the user is notified how many seconds of
silence are at the end of the show in this View.
- Audio items that play past the show's end time have a visual notification
that they will be cut off
* Ability to change metadata tag display format for web streams
* Config files moved to /etc/airtime. This means all config files are in one
convenient location and separated from the code, so you can upgrade your
code independently of your config files.
* Redesign of Preferences screen
* Bug fixes:
- CC-2082 OGG stream dies after every song when using MPlayer
- CC-1894 Warn users about time zone differences or clock drift problems on
the server
- CC-2058 Utilities are not in the system $PATH
- CC-2051 Unable to change user password
- CC-2030 Icon needed for Cue In/Out
- CC-1955 Special character support in the library search
1.6.1 - Feb 23, 2011
Bug fixes:
* CC-1973 Liquidsoap crashes after multi-day playout
* CC-1970 API key fix (Security fix) - Each time you run the install scripts,
a new API key is now generated.
* CC-1992 Editing metadata goes blank on 'submit'
* CC-1993 ui start time and song time unsynchronized
1.6.0 - Feb 14, 2011
First official version of Airtime.
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