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1.5.3 (2012-07-01)
Read INSTALL file about instructions how to upgrade to version 1.5.3.
- BK-318 Update english locale files
- BK-317 Change configuration for TEMPLATE_LOADERS
- BK-316 Change style of database configuration
- BK-315 Integrate Control Center in Booktype
- BK-314 Disallow access to redis debug
- BK-313 Submit form for chapter rename is broken if you press enter
- BK-307 Messaging library does not check input arguments
- BK-306 Untranslated strings in create book template
- BK-303 User profile pages has some untranslatable text
- BK-302 In the configuration library there is no check if BOOKTYPE_CONFIG is None while setting and getting values
- BK-301 Check if saving of configuration was successful in Control Center
- BK-300 Report for database size in Control Center works only for PostgreSQL
- BK-299 Parts of book create, group create and import book templates are not made translatable
- BK-298 Parts of messaging templates are not made translatable
- BK-297 Implement new methods for model Book
- BK-296 Welcome message had dummy text inside
- BK-294 Customize FrontPage - upload html file
- BK-295 Check for user permissions in Control Center
- BK-294 Customize FrontPage
- BK-293 Editing of Frontpage options in Control Center
- BK-285 Uncomment ODT options for editing default CSS in Control Center
- BK-284 Web interface to change default CSS options in Control Center - added new template file
- BK-284 Web interface to change default CSS options in Control Center
- BK-283 Configuration library is not thread safe
- BK-282 Not sending custom options when publishing as ODT
- BK-281 Configuration parameters for default publishing CSS
- BK-271 Update initial settings file and update documentation with messages framework
- BK-270 Implement notifications in Control Center with Django messages framework [added]
- BK-270 Implement notifications in Control Center with Django messages framework
- BK-267 Implement custom error messages for Django forms and organize Form models
- BK-265 Translate all templates and forms in Booktype Control Center
- BK-264 Implement new CSS style for Django forms in Booktype Control Center
- BK-262 Bunch of changes after review
- BK-259 Create css directory during the data migration in Booktype Control Center
- BK-255 Change the order of loading external css file and put _user.css at the end
- BK-254 Edit Booktype appearance from the Booktype Control Center
- BK-253 Editing publishing options from Booktype Control Center
- BK-252 Editing of privacy options in Booktype Control Center
- BK-251 Prevent users from creating or importing books
- BK-250 Prevent users from creating accounts on Booktype instance
- BK-249 License editing inside of Booktype Control Center
- BK-241 Editing of default Book creation settings in Booktype Control Center
- BK-240 Site description editing in Booktype Control Center
- BK-239 New template tags for metadata and favicon
- BK-220 People Page in Booktype Control Center - missing people.html file
- BK-238 renameBook function should ignore if it can't rename book directory in DATA_ROOT/books/ directory
- BK-237 New management commands to access Booktype configuration
- BK-236 New API for managing configuration parameters
- BK-221 Books Page in Control Center
- BK-220 Implemented Page tab in Control Center
- BK-219 Dashboard Status page (frontpage)
- BK-235 Import basic Django application for Control Center
- BK-234 Create utility function for calculating disk usage
- BK-232 Separate book rename functionality from management command into new function
- BK-230 Create separate functions for changing profile image and book covers
- BK-129 Advanced CSS panel should send CSS when overide not set
- BK-229 Use JSON.stringify instead of $.toJSON in booki.js
- BK-228 Broken html in edit templates
- BK-173 Separate constant values in file
- BK-175 Implement default book licence configuration parameter
- BK-174 Implement default book visibility configuration parameter
- BK-173 Separate constant values in file
- BK-172 Configuration option to limit publishing options in editor interface
- BK-171 Setting for default profile image
- BK-170 Strings were not translated in publish tab
- BK-169 Separate content of publish tab in new file
- BK-168 View profile page has wrong link to rss feed
- BK-167 Change info in for PyPI repository
1.5.2 (2012-04-06)
Read INSTALL file about instructions how to upgrade to version 1.5.2.
- BK-165 INSTALL was not updated with changes with LOCALE_PATH and settings
- BK-164 Add LOCALE_PATHS and sets correct path in default settings file.
- BK-155 Add additional Booktype links to README file
- BK-154 Separate Sputnik dispatcher outside of URL dispatcher
- BK-72 remove BOOKI from site meta titles
- BK-149 Remove obsolete pages my_books, my_groups and my_people.
- BK-148 Remove old xinha JavaScript code
- BK-147 Update default with Locale middleware and comment list of languages by default
- BK-146 Createbooki script must create locale directory in the Booktype project directory
- BK-145 Add page for changing current language settings.
- BK-144 Create default message file and create booki/locale directory.
1.5 (2012-02-15)
- Release 1.5 to PyPi , renamed from Booki to BookType
0.3 (2010-03-15)
- Release 0.3 during code sprint in Pukerua Bay, NZ [Andy Nicholson]
0.2 (2010-03-14)
- Release 0.2 during code sprint in Pukerua Bay, NZ [Andy Nicholson]
0.1 (2010-03-12)
- Initial Release for 0.1 test release to pypi [Andy Nicholson]
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