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Installing Booktype 1.6
There are three components to the Booktype Tool Set. This doc
covers only the Booktype (editor/book manager) component and not Espri
(importer) or Objavi (exporter). By default Booktype is hardwired to the
Sourcefabric install of Objavi and Espri so you still acquire that
functionality. To detach yourself from the Sourcefabric mothership
you need to install Espri and Objavi and configure your install of
Booki accordingly.
Find out more about Objavi and Espri: https://wiki.sourcefabric.org/display/Booktype/Objavi
Booktype Install script
Booktype can be installed on various Linux distributions and Mac OS X. There are no native
packages at the moment but you can try Booktype install script:
Be aware it will setup Booktype with Sqlite3 and biltin web server. You will have to
manually setup PostgreSQL or Apache/Nginx configuration.
Booktype manual install instructions
Online instructions: https://wiki.sourcefabric.org/display/Booktype/Installing
- Ubuntu
Read doc/deployment/Ubuntu.md file.
- Debian
Read doc/deployment/Debian.md file.
- CentOS
Read doc/deployment/CentOS.md file.
- Mac OS X
Read doc/deployment/MacOSX.md file.
Booktype and Apache
To install Booktype with Apache, you need to use WSGI or FCGI/SCGI. Consult the
Django documentation at http://docs.djangoproject.com/en/dev/howto/deployment/.
Createbooki script has created booki.wsgi script for the Apache. Use that file as part of your Apache config.
How to configure Apache - https://wiki.sourcefabric.org/display/Booktype/Configuring+Apache
Booktype and Nginx
Read doc/deployment/Nginx.md or check https://wiki.sourcefabric.org/display/Booktype/How+to+use+Booktype+with+Nginx page.
Createbooki script has created gunicorn.nginx and fastcgi.nginx scripts for the Nginx. Use them as part of your Nginx config.
Upgrading from previous version?
Check doc/UPGRADE.txt for more information.