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Booktype makes it easier for people and organisations to collate, organise, edit and publish books. Delivering frictionlessly to print, Amazon,, iBooks and almost any ereader, Booktype facilitates collaborative production processes. No more lost manuscripts, overwritten Word files, awkward wikis or cumbersome CMSes.
Booktype is built on top of the Django web framework.
More info
Realtime chat
Channel #booktype on server
Check #booktype hashtag on Twitter
Booktype demo site
Booktype manual
Booktype tracker
Booktype wiki
Booktype-dev mailing list!forum/booktype-dev
Booktype support forum
Booktype development forum
Booktype documentation forum
Read INSTALL file and check "doc/deployment/" directory for more details.
Read up to date online instructions -
How to contribute
Only 4 steps:
1) Fork sourcefabric/Booktype repository
2) Clone your fork
3) Create new local feature branch
4) Create pull request with your feature/bugfix
Booktype is licensed under the AGPL license.
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