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Releases: sourcefabric/Newscoop

Newscoop 4.4.7 release

08 Feb 12:44
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High-level release merits

It's bug fixing release with few small improvements (custom urls for rss feeds, keeping chosen theme for publication front page). Please read changelog for more details.

Most important changes

  • add support for comments likes and dislikes in rest api
  • render images, snippets, links and more in api this same as in template
  • improve fetching topic articles
  • handle ssl and proper protocol behind proxy
  • add support for custom urls for rss/atom feeds
  • fix session handling - keep users logged in as long as set in system preferences

Known issues

MySQL can't work in "strict mode". Newscoop will currently break in many places when "strict mode" is enabled.


48e8df0 Release of new version 4.4.7
a945fc8 Revert "simplify registration confirmation"
530c86a simplify registration confirmation
17a0534 correct error code
1727f85 CS-5923 - After upgrade: fatal error on article editor opening due to topic stuff
66db93e CS-5949: Adds updating of article modified time on topic changes
14a3d2c update comemnt in code
aa9821b remove publication aliases on publication removal, don't set publication in listener when not exist and is still attached to alias
fa3677b don't set session lifetime if it's set to 0
418018d add language to url, set it on rendered template
f880438 CS-5925 - list_subtopics on empty topic (i.e. root) does not respect order constraint
030e5bc [feature] implement feed controller
9c7fd33 CS-5938 - Job scheduler doesn't execute task if notification isn't enabled
9b3baf9 updated translation resources
206974a remove dump, don't sett cookie in request paramerer bag, change TOL_Language cookie parameters
6967786 remove connection between session lifetime and php gc, allow to login on frontend with username, cover /auth with symfony firewall
6876303 move cache_reset file to cache/{env}/cache_reset
7708dc9 [CS-5844] fix implementation
91d23b5 CS-5931: Moves language setting code to helper, instead of view
354dad2 CS-5931: Reverting changes
e07139e CS-5931: Persists locale from Symfony request to Zend Smarty View
7534240 AZ-278 - Issue with indexing of articles - remove commented code
a1bb9d5 AZ-278 - Issue with indexing of articles
a2a38ef ignore comments for not existing articles
8778e2d updated translation resources
4b0bad4 updated translation resources
e4470a1 CS-5941: Adds charset as well to header
81dd223 CS-5941: Sets different content-type for rss.tpl or atom.tpl templates
4ed7279 CS-5933: Forces getSEO() always to return an array and fixes typo
b91fd21 CS-5942: Adds check if request is set
5985b49 update outdated tests for phpspec
beb8398 simplify repository method, use better way to checking if request is secure
967b131 add support to filter articles by section in /articles api resource
1fd9944 fix code typo
41a865e handle ssl and proper protocol behind proxy
9c1749a removed Visible to non subscribers switch - moved to paywall plugin
9089db1 AZ-266: Typo
84072f6 AZ-266: Add script to run webcode for many many webcodes
0cc66eb AZ-266: Adds return status to webcode command and removes weird loop
4a140ac simplify code in PlaylistsService
6864636 remove broken upgrade script, improve errors handling in publication edit form
456fdbc updated translation resources
fac026d updated translation resources
eea522a enable sluggable extension
0fa08f9 improve fetching topic articles
cecf521 polish and simplify code for front page template theme setting feature
d2d526b add support for comments likes and dislikes, render images, snippets, links and more in api this same as in template
b3c1e2e Fix issue with 500 error when session not exists in request object
eb3388a CS-5931: Stores language in session
82ca2a0 CS-5930: Removes unneeded parameter
3d29357 CS-5844: Initial commit
c5211d2 CS-5844: Detect language by uri parts, then issue
d714d20 Probable fix for multi theme handling per issue and language

Newscoop 4.4.6 release

21 Oct 09:32
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With this release the Newscoop team took care of a few multilanguage issues in regards to authors and massively improved the performance and user experience when working with a big number of topics. All in all we fixed 16 bugs. See changelog below for more details.


As of version 4.4.6, we will provide an update package for each minor/patch release, which doesn't require vendors change.

From now on, It is also possible to download the package with only current updates without having to download the entire Newscoop package, the size of which is usually ~190MB.

Packages with current updates take just a few KB / MB. Name of this package in this release is:

The update process takes place in the same way as it was in case of previous releases, but with the difference that you should not delete the folder vendor from your Newscoop installation folder. (see documentation)

In case of a fresh Newscoop installation, you must download the whole package of Newscoop, which is named, in this case: (it's the same name convention as it was before, in case of previous releases).

Reference: dev blog post


aac2ece Adds missing echo
8d0cc94 replace addError with addWarning
e901088 rename title to name
8bb5849 AENV-540 - Make name/title field consistent for playlists api - improvements
978cfab AENV-540 - Make name/title field consistent for playlists api
3797e0e Added endpoint with the list of playlist the given article belongs to
25f39d6 fixed script
cea5daf hide label when array is empty
cfa7a0e fix upgrade scripts
adb3e92 CS-5429 - Topic list is opening too long in article editor
bc39231 hide featured articles modal's close button
b43389e use Number for Article issueId (bug). Use Y in public.
ecf2190 CS-5913: Trim and remove duplicate spaces from author names
23ecb63 fixed getting articles by section number
8db76c6 Revert "fixed getting articles by section number"
63ebd0f fixed getting articles by section number
d5fa0f5 Fixes languages codes missing for Azerbaijani, Hungarian and Danish
a4807e5 Make RFC3066bis field available in templates via rfc_code property
0dac142 preload featured article list by providing an extra parameter in url
8cbe547 add option to fetch hidden article comments
88707e2 added option to override locale from get parameter
ecd8b47 CS-5914: Removes reference to non-working composer install command
a31d83f Use proper quality for cropped images with png format
a4674a0 CS-5913: Update author management page
1c659cb CS-5913: Adds translation to yml file
f0e9727 CS-5913: Prevents adding of dplicate authors with the same full name
0154395 CS-5913: Implements optimized author ReadName mechanism
4c2d527 Changes themes field to text (needed for multiple templates under playlist)
4a3d268 CS-5910: Undoes optimization to reanebl in article pagination
e0c6455 IM-2915: Removed date limits from search datepicker

Newscoop 4.4.5 minor release

13 Aug 08:56
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Bug (reported by our users) focused release. More than 12 issues fixed. Introduction support for library Imagick to enhance the image quality.

Change log:

bb7edfe Adds auto increment to article playlist id
ff63bb5 Improves popover text for rich text captions related settings
180bd31 CS-5908: Adds updating of time_update when workflow_status changes
695ce5e CS-5907 Typo and ambiguity in core string
db27b20 removed reloading after removing comment, added option to check comment with just clicking in row
63580e7 Add validation for meta properties in publications form, fix some minor ui issues
5ec786c CS-5898: Use issue number fetched from db
f71a3b5 hide visible for non subscriber only when plugin is not enabled and article is public.
486286c add support to Imagick
944c30e setup default images (generated by Newscoop) quality to 90 (from 0 to 100)
25e5222 CS-5903: Adds DISTINCT so related article numbers are only returned once
1c79915 CS-5900 - Translations for legacy plugins dont work anymore
7981832 TW-275 - After update: Attaching a topic to an article doesnt work anymore
131f909 CS-5895: Adds custom redirect to confirm action
49e0dd6 TW-236: Disabled escpaing when RichTextCaption setting is on
e4bd5e1 BN-220: Always close transaction
5b00d53 CS-5890: Returns null if there are no lists in theme

We would like to thank for Pedro (from our Hip-Chat Support Chanel) who helped us find issue with Playlists Manager on clean Newscoop installation.

Newscoop 4.4.4 minor release

09 Jul 07:08
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Newscoop 4.4.4 brings all the fixes for the recently refactored features topics management and featured article lists and fixes a lot of issues in regards to translations and multilangual sites. It improves also ui in lot of places (better translations, descriptions, links to documentation and more.)

Technical Documentation


Detailed changelog can be found here:

Known issues:

Newscoop 4.4.3 minor release

26 May 14:49
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This release don't brings new features, but it's very important to update your Newscoop 4.4.x instance to this version.


  • Better timezones handling
  • topics improvements (templates)
  • 404 response code added to not found pages
  • don't show hidden comments in public api
  • fix page titles in admin
  • fix redirect loop issue when remember me was used
  • for oauth redirect_url we use now relative url's to support both http and https URLs


8c71179 add missing update sql, fix useForAll js function with tinymce
626b349 translations fixes
0ab991f small fixes in default templates
5238fb2 updated translation resources
385a835 get locale from translator
8efc6a0 CS-5724: Improves upgrade script for TimeZOne
992fd17 hide the "show in editor" option in the article type fields for switches
15da820 CS-5724: Adds proper time zone setting for Newscoop
ea73a2d add articles relation to Author table, fix comments api user checking, fix uri parameters in metaSubtitle (editor_image.tpl)
79e7d49 added ORM UTC datetime type and fixed playlists saving
9cbb0f4 fix metaSubtitle missing $request object, fix cacheKey usage
d4b5c58 fixed typo
1af69e9 removed unused method
8411516 improved and fixed set_topic function
1487df2 use site secret key instead installation_id
51087c5 use new getLink method to create article edit links in admin
bc43bb1 spaces format
716a2ae CS-5754 - Problem with topics
3f35817 clear vector after rendering
7291a14 add unique per instance installation_id to database cache keys
4189790 prettify oauth result page
d9dd32e update main.css
928b491 added oauth login-modal style
a6d77f4 fixed obtaining a new token
bbe93bd wip playlists oauth
0b91820 improve connected articles listing on edit image view
e2b40ff authorize user on frontend when signing in to backend
417d39a remove custom target path
9862d31 improved issue service
a74aada remove 'parent' from password recovery template
d18ac74 oauth token handling
d2e75ec disable issue listener for api
504e392 users logout api - simplified the code
8a87d32 revert services.yml
076a55e fixed custom handlers
87f4303 simplyfy and fix webcode (re)generate command
5fba74d check if $publicationMetadata is filled
5fcec47 improve rendering templates from templates service
c5843c1 add 404 response code for not found pages
a0e47a5 remove unused encoder factory from UserService
7923750 use cacheService for acl resources scan
646d3c5 remove findBy and findAll methods
f9ff851 ignore authentication oauth modal when session is valid
1dba319 fix comments
ff13efd added no_cache cookie handling also on frontend
a675ecb CS5777 - Create OAuth custom login & logout handlers
df1553c by default hide hidden comments for not admins on api
2828d5c fix broken html source view in chrome
de84a99 CS-5771 - Handle relative redirect uris for oauth clients
6b33911 CS-5658: add title for dashboard
d125772 CS-5658: improve admin pages titles
b6118f2 updated translation resources
96c291d S-5773: Fixes issue with upgrade which doesn't take mixed returned entities in account.
42987da fix login page title
5d6673f add and fix admin pages titles
7f53486 set attachment translations per language
08f294c CS-5761 - "The last article of this list has been removed" is not translated.
aad55b0 Buttons "Add this article" and "Close" is not translated in Playlist management
416eea5 AENV-462 - Change name of button "Done" to "Save" in Attach/Detach slideshows
5375aa1 use tagged vendors, clone default_url for url property
02e30c8 share security context between api and frontend, update somposer.json
06a5375 TW-176: Fixes issue with unserialized array in cache key
82a8bdd removed check for token
b080d76 added image width support
b06d29e AENV-452 - Big image is not resized on front-end
ca0da21 updated translation resources
459cd21 updated translation resources
5128a2f added upgrade script - update redirect_uris for defaultoauth client
06e3828 use real renditions url, add some details
5982184 move InteractiveDoctrineAuthService to onw file, fix multiple keywords search on api
b93420f simplify oauth obtaining process
e4b97fa override TokenBasedRememberMeServices and authenticate user also in zend_auth
8fecf4d updated translation resources

Newscoop 4.4.2 minor release

22 Apr 07:40
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This release don't brings new features, but it's very important to update your Newscoop 4.4.x instance to this version (especially if you use comments - we fixed issue in comments manager). This release improves also general back-end performance.


921408c improve rmt config
73b3495 identations to spaces
1095f71 tabs fix in service
5193be8 tabs fix
327fad1 removed comments
d3045ea CS-5751 - Editorial comments improvements
18d3552 remove not used files in 4.4.2
46912ea keep orginal order in search by ids
bc127ac pass $onlyPublished to articles repository
730df98 one more relation usage replace
b8c32cf check if smarty_function_uri before initializing
3a273b1 fix comments management and remove article relation from playlist_article entity

Newscoop 4.4.1 minor release

16 Apr 10:10
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This release brings new feature - clearing templates cache on playlist modification, it's very important to update your Newscoop 4.4.0 instance to this version (especially if you use topics - we fixed one very danger circular reference error). This release improves also general front-end performance.

Release changelog:

16/04/2015 10:27 4.4.1 Newscoop 4.4.1 minor release
7945847 add cacheId parameter for display method in render smarty function
89218e6 context_articles table change, cache key change
83d99f3 playlist order fix - new upgrade script
5be4796 playlist order fix - upgrade script
cdfca8e fixed theme deletion
80d1f53 fixed redirect uri for oauth
1348379 fixed redirect uri handling when creating oauth user
541d3ca fixed path to login modal
2d7467c improve issue service
12f81bb expand info block by default and icon fix
a00d8f6 fixed multiple images in edito mode - slideshows
efe7795 fixed iframe width ofr support popup
0cdfaa8 removed duplicates from themes.en.yml
1b09f70 fixed playlist cache bugs
a460d43 remove logs from travis
0b65524 fix section_id and issue_id handling in Article entity.
1dcafa0 fixed fancybox border
93baaba revert section/issue relation change
40b373c add dev.log to end of tests
f5cfbf2 [big change] fix article issue/section relation, fix comments manager after change on thread property
f71d3a2 fix comments ussage after change for thread property
c2a7be5 fix handling xml content with single items, add comments
d2b2498 fixed upgrade script related to playlists
aea5908 rebuilt create view for slideshows to suit new design
9bccb33 improve docblock
003902f optimize accessDeniedExceptionListener
78a1843 AENV-330 - polish newscoop create/manage slideshow modal
8fbf4d9 [AENV-434]: remove endpoint property from embedly snippet template
9d1d375 CS-5745: Adds execute bit to scripts
88837e1 provide default redirect_uri route with oauth_result.tpl template file rendering
91d8c71 fix current cache driver cache flushing
dd3976c don't use getArticleNumber from comment entity
c9b182f change article_num ussage to thread when work with comment entity
abf86a7 remove not needed files
7d9d68a allow posting anonymous comments when it's allowed in publication settings
c23a160 destroy interval after it stops
f6cb020 fixed editrial comments translations
e983e1f added handling when token expires - added modal
8f4b878 improve editorial comments inicialization
4d5d823 optimized system preferences service
ea5056c revert singleton for adodb in DatabaseObject
071bbb9 implement singleton for adodb in DatabaseObject
8944b53 do not use this in static
082e83e optimize DatabaseObject - don't fetch adodb in every function
c0c07ad encode articlesModificationTime value
eecc4ea add missing docblocks
61ca702 introduce support for theme playlists configuration, clear defined templates on playlist modification
ae1b3d8 display 0 when no playlist limit is set
2e35933 added opera support to readme
3f3741f changed function comment
8076fc0 added handling when token expires - ported from aes plugin
7b6ad09 added handling when token expires - ported from aes plugin
6a1366e removed unnecessary comment and code form auth interceptor
f0ff2e5 fixed bug in playlist modification datetime - ignored timezone
0039879 fixed search
c06f7bf disable save and add to lists buttons when no playlist selected
740b9c1 clear temp list on playlist change
877dd9d CS-5707 - Define Newscoop requirements related to supported browsers
5473c6f CS-5744 - Move custom DQL functions to config.yml
c5a7a73 check for array index before using it it install_conf, replace pear errors with exceptions in image class
41ece29 CS-5669 - update the Readme file to tell users about the issue with running Newscoop 4.3 on Debian with PHP version 5.3
8fefff5 revert strlower on images extensions
5c73ba0 fix endless loop in campcontext with tpid parameter in url
a657566 cache seourlend in metaArticle
2d0bc76 fix MetaSection preventing caching empty objects
ddab515 fix ArticleImage, don't cache empty object in metaSection
338f37b changed getArticlesByIds to getArticlesByCriteria function name
0cbe5ba AENV-445 - Related articles is not working by API 500 message
6124002 improve performance in ArticlesList, reintroduce caching in ArticleImage
ccb2508 fixed playlists bugs - auto remove last item etc.
b96a672 improve cacheService ussage in ArticleTypeField
2188811 remove duplicated code in MetaSection, improve cacheService in ArticleData
eb365fa CS-5733 - change UI for the playlist revert alert
17ffd70 fixed creating article without issue and section via api
85e0d8f added description to article type form
df57541 revert cache key parameter for article images list
71bc9d6 optimize public resources listener
bc52f33 lower images extensions, optimize cache keys, fix articlemodificationtime in playlists
e9953cd added authentication exception
6adfdce fixed failed authentication handling
d9d7892 revert user check
c2ea1ed optimize public_resources_listener
ef480c6 optimize cacheService ussage
3632f0d fixed issue and section relationship in article entity - missing issue, section
d618af8 handle current user when not logged in in comments
2799d21 Revert "fixed issue and section relationship in article entity - missing issue, ..."
9fe8a8e fixed issue and section relationship in article entity - missing issue, section
4f4a1a9 Adds support for using old style topic names (with locale appended)
83706ed performance fixes - catched on production
584f4d6 fixed proxy regeneration in upgrade scripts
b35d902 update 4.4 upgrade doc
a5809ee fix proxy regeneration for publication entity
c9759c8 CS-4863: Removes ingest code from core, code from css and config files - Removes ingest rules form ACL table - Adds fake permissions for old auth
a868d8e save wip

Newscoop 4.4.0

24 Mar 15:16
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Changes from RC:

2f8dd0f fixed proxy regeneration when already generated in upgrade scripts
34783f4 improve rmt config
734e5ed optimize search query
2bbad8f fixed loading more articles on scroll - afterlist save
1c3dad1 added track by
098b175 removed height from the editor image tpl so images can be disppplayed responsively
2d9f639 fix translation
e3369b8 fix issue with dissapearing articles
f9079dd display revert popup when adding article from preview
41937ab revert button fix
f93f95f changed onEnd to onAdd events in playlist app
e137cb6 Set new codename for minor release
268a8f5 updated translation resources
f01cbe7 updated translation resources
b5bcd71 add missing domain translations
e921f3a fix typo in translations domain
ea4421e updated translation resources
ded1774 CS-5735: Changes find into findOneBy and catches exception if not found.
e3840e7 fix admin menu under low permisions, update vendors
b1fd64a CS-5732 - User can add into playlist same article multi times in FF
218582e CS-5731 - playlist limit alert "limit reached - should I revert" is not being triggered on firefox
068b04b Set new codename for minor release
0e93c9d set descending sorting in article repository
633d2aa CS-5709 - Playlist is not correct working with long list
b153f14 updated translation resources
c249df1 updated translation resources
f0b167a added translation domain
4b5165f fix playlist limit when saving and fetching more articles on scroll
d75258f fix limit
d350920 added spinner when loading featured articles
6e800d9 disable proxy regeneration, laod other annotations
165b9d6 added spinner when loading featured articles
ee75778 [CS-5729] add upgrade script for initializing playlists articles order, remove some not used files
7553d46 improvements to list saving
0ff18f0 disable proxy regeneration, laod other annotations
ee78558 CS-5728 - Remove limitation from loaded playlist, load more on scroll when no limit
cffecc9 Update BridgeController.php
a2923f5 [CS-5720] Fix Insert/edit internal link
59e37d1 added option to not create default client in console command installer
c5547a3 fix try catch for topics.php script
c469078 fix renditions cropping with in implementation
d81433a create oauth client when installing newscoop from console command
bd35900 added fixed rss fields links to dashboard widgets
a47652d mapping fixes
5144978 fix some of the not valid associations
09108b0 fix add_client.php script to not fail when diffrent files permissions
56e40bf CS-5721: Adds composer.lock for updated composer.jsont
d18f1d7 Fixes issue
e6410b8 catch Entity not found exception when topic's language cant be found
a412c53 clear cache before adding oauth client
87e8574 CS-5721: Fixes issue when using <% or %> in templates with smarty
2ea50ba improved topics script
30a545f CS-5723 - AES is showing incorrect language for added topics
916cbd5 CS-5715 - Remove not used core files in 4.4
0ec87a8 updated docs
62f3414 CS-5718 - added and changed upgrade docs
4159f61 move editorial comment sql so the script can be executed
6d06f31 revert exception handling
2553179 fix bug in authors table causing: headers already sent issue
3b0a9ed CS-5684 - Front-end is not support correctly percent values from AES
9834873 CS-5642 - Article Editor removes the img tags for imported articles
fb420df CS-5717 - fixed topics script
379b8f0 CS-5714 - Restore of backup is not working from 4.3.2 to 4.4.0 RC
a060634 CS-5719 - DB query errors for dashboard widgets
c4c2e4b CS-5717 - Integrate script which converts topics into Newscoop
37ef66b CS-5666 - Stop creating newscoop-indexer.lock in the root of newscoop instance
093a8e1 fixed topic unlinking - behat
bb38717 require MetaDbObject class in MetaTopic class
93a560c CS-5708 - Add info how to install Newscoop from the console
00ccfde CS-5666 - Stop creating newscoop-indexer.lock in the root of newscoop instance
222220e added isset
e755d0f Adds link to 'Add publication'-button, if no publications are available
27f927e added try catch block to getDefaultAlias function
9e94a10 fix documentation block for getServerOS in bug reporter
de7c397 added php version and OS info to bug reporter
0862d1b clear 'topic' namespace
19a41c6 fixed image width for user image in comments management
807b0e2 added 'site' for backward compability
a256d18 fixed subtopics list and added caching to it
4198d32 fix install plugins command
0efb477 remove request
33bbd59 throw exception when alias not found
008d056 provide default alias for creating oauth default client upgrade script
863979f changed preview function name
4c63ea7 fixed article preview for related articles
804a13f fix sections API, article translate url
6973425 CS-5713 - Namespace alias can't be detected in Topic service
f3394db updated translation resources
71361e7 updated translation resources
b4685fe updated translation resources
e522575 updated translation resources
4014748 CS-5712 - Show popup when changing list name
00302f8 revert action improvements
56197f7 CS-5711 - Remove last item from the list with possibility to revert
47d84cf added alert, changed draggable placeholder, removed load on scroll
5ad70b2 changed DateTime parameter when locking, unlocking article
201dff5 AENV-428 - image captions not updating
fc2743b updated translation resources
1a9f857 updated translation resources
07c0d62 updated translation resources
7b23a29 AENV-356 - Related articles is not showing correctly issues - added parameter
5deae2e AENV-356 - Related articles is not showing correctly issues
8269cc5 A proper merge of #918 into 4.3
df845a4 CS-5656 - Error in section articles API - languages mixed
68567b3 CS-5656 - Error in section articles API - languages mixed
9a9b367 removed wrong phrase in articles.en.yml
0bff89f updated translation resources
0bea33b Release of new version 4.4.0-rc

Newscoop 4.4.0 minor RC

04 Mar 11:06
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b541d03 limit adding article from preview and editor, show playlist limit in aes
0d05fb4 CS-5690 - Remove topic with sub-topics is made error in console
4103f31 fix issue with 500 error when Article is not found
edccc4b CS-5692 - Some topic are not showed in article playlist
ea15e83 CS-5691 - User can add only root topic in Article Editor
8b56dfb added validation messages to inputs
aadcb36 fix new playlist save
54533a9 fix pagination css
05027a1 CS-5700 - Playlist is not showing correct section for multi-language issues
95ca078 remove moment dependency
fdaf121 fix date format using date filter
314d7f2 CS-5703 - Provide UI fixes for playlists
46049bc CS-5701 - Interference of changes provided from different editors at the same time
3a163d3 chnage function name in issue repository
a42df26 add modification time
3127fac add support for filtering section by language
1cb8f2d fix artickes search - language filter
98a85fc add articlesModificationTime to playlist articles response
186178f fix checking when last_modification is new
2656ca6 fix checking when last_modification time is no set yet
c4fa6ff add support for last modification time in articles list
ef3c99a load all playlists - lazy load
d3b51ac (fix) load available articles when no author, improved playlist saving
1a7ffc6 CS-5694 Remove of uses in filter is not refreshing list of articles
182dd87 fix current list name label display
571c7ad refactored modal support
1313ee0 playlists app - structure refactoring
9f447d0 add check if user has permissions in Playlist management
6ed7cb5 fix pagination, load more articles on scroll
8d3da0c fixes bugs
8a6a274 refetch playlist item on playlist update
44264b7 fix searching articles with non default language, fix setuping defoult oauth client
eefdc36 remove console log
f1561f7 implement playlist view in editor
31dcf02 lint fixes
3e76725 SITE-692: SSO integration support for Newscoop 4.3.x this is needed to do zend_auth in the sso plugin
9c05ddd removed limiting by defined playlist limit, fixed filters by dates
af301b9 fix playlist limiting
c54de20 changed filtering by users API endpoint
59a4dfc adding, removing playlists, added filtering, searching
9ab2ede add missing input for apidocs in create playlist
d4c4c58 CS-5685: added remember to all firewalls, and added to admin login
8462659 remove left imtems after updating playlist maxItems property
3056f1d check if playlist with that name already exists on playist create action
4f2cac2 changed playlist menu link
512a210 add missing sql's in install scripts
376587e register permission manualy
dc03192 available articles' filter and more
9ad7b3c remove old playlists implementation
9d84dc6 hide not finished journalist dashboard
33f5416 revert behat config
a16b711 add users search endpoint
5085a89 CS-5685: "Stay logged in" doesnt work, port the missing remember me functionality added parameter to form and cookie expire if value is set
01ecaa8 fix searching by publish date - suport only day
3079393 add clearing cache and dispatching event on saving chnages in playlist
944af82 CS-5678: create default oauth client - update editorial comments to use new default client
5baefe0 CS-5678: create default oauth client - fixes
8794fb9 CS-5678: create defaoult oauth client
7190bd7 dont update ordering of featured articles before save
6292f8f add playlist create/update/remove actions
b015ad6 change order of sorted articles
8605685 small improvements in api
f873971 implement batch linking/unlinking articles
b7e7b63 playlist service improvements
4bec66c batch update wip
476022d dont add duplicate items to the list
9cc3268 CS-5687 - Fatal error on trying to insert image in the tinymce editor (Image plugin popup)
d2c194c temp
98150f6 CS-5687 - Fatal error on trying to insert image in the tinymce editor (Image plugin popup)
bcb3259 app.js improvement
5c9be2b initial search new filters
73aab44 article's preview, removing, creating new playlist, remove delete all button etc
3e37a6a remove theme from repo
2b51a83 add behat config
3279acb init
e5af3ec CS-5680 - Authorization via API using Angular JS
b7f22d8 CS-5681 - Sortable drag and drop lists
78affc8 IM-2572: problems in system settings for plugin cron job allow for removing multiple jobs with only jobName and command
29f5246 CS-5668: Won't strip id/class/style attributes from iframe anymore
ae9cae0 SITE-692: SSO integration support for Newscoop 4.3.xthnkloud9 lint fix, removes end of line spaces
4b80197 SITE-692: SSO integration support for Newscoop 4.3.x added new UserProvider to allow users to be added via json file as per request
45c1ad3 prepare controller and template for playlists angular app
5b0e064 CS-5663 - No-register user cannot send comment
07ec564 EmailService - added type and default value in function
684a0e5 #977 - create new translator instance
3232b57 CS-5664 - Chinese and Russia are not supported by Editorial Comments
4add99e CS-5650 - implemented delete topic API endpoint
85f7451 updated translation resources
879ad30 IM-1941: Removed protocol from ShortURL generated url
db8af03 IM-1941: Preview iFrame with protocol agnostic url
4a376ec updated translation resources
b6533e3 add Snippet word translation
d10e0d3 CS-5633 - Error creating cron job in final step of the installer
163fbc8 CS-5633 - Error creating cron job in final step of the installer
7550805 set max box width for copped image
eb94a34 added missing tags
f96a94d set fixed fancybox position in editor
a9797c6 pushed missing ImageController with changed preview width and height
11d31a5 removed ladybug dump
da0ba13 AENV-328 - Apply new CSS for renditions modal
5186e9c fix documentation block
6291375 added possibility to save response specific field's value to use it later
f22f374 fix retype - article types
97be351 support rendering snippets in frontend and old editor (only placeholder)
7f7ec9e Removes changing the description field
6612abd CS-5410: Sets config-dir parameter when URL is not valid and is handled via exception
e108a60 AENV-375 - Problem with fos_router on aes instance
01c87af updated translation resources
f6290f3 CS-5410: Sets config-dir parameter when URL is not valid and is handled via exception
21370cf updated translation resources
096aa89 CS-5661 - Disable installing plugins from UI
69cace7 fix Autocomplete doesnt work in AES when adding new authors to the articles
df9176a remove dump
c0d153a public, registered users' comments moderation
3771e5e updated translation resources
1539eb0 remove editorial comments - controller spec
736c67e fix spec for topics API controller
6fe295d AENV-358 - Topics with same name a break in AES
595ef72 updated translation resources
209b381 CS-5653 - Sending notifications to moderator about new comments doesn't work
74bd122 chore(scripts: backup): add --skip-static option
2e76fda CS-5652 - Implement editorial comments in AES
fdbbc8c CS-5659: Show article status, article type in playlists
b8d8271 remove extraneous SesioGenratorBundle include on dev and test envs
f0350cd updated translation resources
55b7ed5 CS-5599: Create Newscoop Plugin Generator Symfony generator for Newscoop plugins
6b143c0 fix merge issue
c3a24fb update composer.lock
57961c7 fix small issue in menu builder, add version to footer
254206c declaration fix in UserType
215f688 improved specs for EditorService
14e57fb make sure that the link exists before getting it - EditorService
6740a15 add spec and behat test
cb9ae0b add articleimageid to article images response
fcd0b92 phpspecs for EditorService
94b27ae AENV-340 - As an admin I would like to configure which users can optionally use the AES plugin
708d687 remove nette
3fd1088 CS-5645: Updates dependency smarty-dev 3.1.19 to smarty 3.1.21
ce11c9f fixes related to setting locale on frontend
3d17339 improvements to CS-5644
7d0f5e1 CS-5644 - .yml translations don't work properly
1663e3e CS-5436 - Remove unnecessary parts of code/files from master repository
ac8b82e update
926e724 Wrong path for css/images in installer #919
b3c39cc AENV-336 - check and fix comments panel - posting comments does not work
798b37e CS-5528: Adds subtype method, cleans out code
97dfbcb log events releated to topics
d9fb257 replace old topics in article edit screen when article is of topic type
91d84fe replaced old topics in merge articles - step 3
2a16379 revert topic_strict
3fff3ef fixed filtering by topic
56ff91a remove old topics implementation, fix filtering
40d94be display topic title when attaching topics to an article
6493644 fixed unlinking/linking topics test
ebbba56 linkin/unlinking topics - behat tests
dbbdaf3 add logged in - behat - topics
a0592fa topics behat tests
c448bc6 checkbox margin fix
e4182ce feature for adding root topic and subtopic
28a4131 updated translation resources
738fca0 updated translation resources
d29bb36 assign datetime to variable
0dff65a expand children when adding new subtopic
e2773f6 updated translation resources
ba6dbfe add fallback language (same as translator fallback) to js translation config
3080e05 restore search filed on language change, included new css file for topics design
7c31339 composer update
08edff1 AENV-308 - prepare environment for using translation messages in AES
a6bf3d3 fixes
93ca7e7 expand on topic search
aa52772 topics template fixes
e0197b8 expand the whole subtree to a place where the attached topic is located and fallback label fix
f665f65 add field mysql function
2e109cc topics new design
3a78f31 solve issues with switches
ace3002 small adjustments
aaa3d80 related articles fixes and cleaning
3517795 updated translation resources
b145da2 AENV-32: Newscoop: article type fields need to be marked as content or non-content bug fix for field type index
447d3a5 AENV-32: Newscoop: article type fields need to be marked as content or non-content bug fix for field type index
ea7849c AENV-32: Newscoop: article type fields need to be marked as content or non-content added translation for new showInEditor field
eec8bba AENV-32: Newscoop: article type field...

Newscoop 4.3.2 minor release

26 Jan 08:22
Choose a tag to compare

This release doesn't bring any new features, but it's very important to update your Newscoop 4.3 instance to this version. Instead of features this time we focused on bugfixes.

Release changelog:

67b5cff improved users' image handling on frontend
53e25ac improve user avatars
c665b2a improve displaying blank avatars for users on frontend
4bc189b CS-5640 - Missed Save button on user create form
0416c04 CS-5635: Sets Description field in Images table to nullable
74ce7b8 fix publication alias to not display publication name
45dda65 CS-5638 - Attach image by URL is not working after restore backup
847096b CS-5631 - Blank page for a new article if newscoop is without section
02b8786 CS-5636 - Steps to install legacy plugins removing folders private_plugins and cache
143f40d CS-5631 - Blank page for a new article if newscoop is without section
b285b07 fix issue with uploading images from media archive
b9cdf3c CS-5630: Moves admin interface check to IssueListener from IssueService
8323e7f CS-5630: Adds check to not resolve issue when on admin interace
d947689 CS-5604: Journalist role can manage plugins by default
f2337ce CS-5592: Fixes login issues when user is not admin or not active
8731840 CS-5603: Media Archive thumbnails are square, should be landscape or portrait
49a3613 CS-4804: Featured article list incorrectly rendered in non-latin localizations
fe91599 CS-5602 - Comments page layout broken after clean install
8f5fc5f fix css width to percentage to fit all screens resolutions
4822e47 set proper height of user geolocation map
335c464 implement user geolocation in iframe - backend
205c06e CS-5597 - User attributes management through backend
080d35c CS-4849: Implements Rich Text Captions fully
c6da084 CS-5141 Robots.txt does not support wildcards
35a3381 Update footer in upgrade page for Sourcefabric z.ú.
80ee80f CS-5595 Proposed fix for missing image captions table in core SQL
da92eae WOBS-3528: Fixes issue with TinyMCE converting special characters to html entities. Now encoding is set to raw.
d566d61 trim author first and last name
52e553b CS-5594: Adds versioning for js file
6b182f8 TW-25: Adds error handling if the file was not uploaded correctly
e78161f IM-2422: Fixes issue with 1690 BIGINT UNSIGNED value is out of range
1dd7fa5 CS-5495 Fix typos in 'Error occured' etc
807661d CS-5495 Fix typo in 'Accout Name'
14533e1 Add again missing author route
8a1701e CS-5587 Add English placeholders for missing translation files
065e5cf CS-5587 Fix format of legacy translation files
cbd1961 CS-5558 Remove unused translations for codehighlighting and iframe plugins
97ba74c CS-5558 Add missing translations for campsiteinternallink plugin
bcf4810 CS-5558 Fix textbox plugin translations and remove unused translations
66c7c82 CS-5558 Fix iframe plugin translations
d7d45b6 CS-5558 Fix campsiteimage plugin translations
16d958b CS-5558 Fix codehighlighting plugin translations
b6c5ac2 CS-5558 Fix campsiteattachment plugin translations
4f62c3b CS-5558 Update Italian plugins for TinyMCE
61c4e6c CS-5558 Fix Italian translation of TinyMCE
d9e89f6 TW-47: Fixes issue with not working getCaption method and property on images
f31cea0 CS-4766 Fix several issues with translation of support settings
44a26c9 Adds system preferences to template context
593f25d corrected upgrade guide