@ahilles107 ahilles107 released this Feb 8, 2016 · 112 commits to v4.4 since this release

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High-level release merits

It's bug fixing release with few small improvements (custom urls for rss feeds, keeping chosen theme for publication front page). Please read changelog for more details.

Most important changes

  • add support for comments likes and dislikes in rest api
  • render images, snippets, links and more in api this same as in template
  • improve fetching topic articles
  • handle ssl and proper protocol behind proxy
  • add support for custom urls for rss/atom feeds
  • fix session handling - keep users logged in as long as set in system preferences

Known issues

MySQL can't work in "strict mode". Newscoop will currently break in many places when "strict mode" is enabled.


48e8df0 Release of new version 4.4.7
a945fc8 Revert "simplify registration confirmation"
530c86a simplify registration confirmation
17a0534 correct error code
1727f85 CS-5923 - After upgrade: fatal error on article editor opening due to topic stuff
66db93e CS-5949: Adds updating of article modified time on topic changes
14a3d2c update comemnt in code
aa9821b remove publication aliases on publication removal, don't set publication in listener when not exist and is still attached to alias
fa3677b don't set session lifetime if it's set to 0
418018d add language to url, set it on rendered template
f880438 CS-5925 - list_subtopics on empty topic (i.e. root) does not respect order constraint
030e5bc [feature] implement feed controller
9c7fd33 CS-5938 - Job scheduler doesn't execute task if notification isn't enabled
9b3baf9 updated translation resources
206974a remove dump, don't sett cookie in request paramerer bag, change TOL_Language cookie parameters
6967786 remove connection between session lifetime and php gc, allow to login on frontend with username, cover /auth with symfony firewall
6876303 move cache_reset file to cache/{env}/cache_reset
7708dc9 [CS-5844] fix implementation
91d23b5 CS-5931: Moves language setting code to helper, instead of view
354dad2 CS-5931: Reverting changes
e07139e CS-5931: Persists locale from Symfony request to Zend Smarty View
7534240 AZ-278 - Issue with indexing of articles - remove commented code
a1bb9d5 AZ-278 - Issue with indexing of articles
a2a38ef ignore comments for not existing articles
8778e2d updated translation resources
4b0bad4 updated translation resources
e4470a1 CS-5941: Adds charset as well to header
81dd223 CS-5941: Sets different content-type for rss.tpl or atom.tpl templates
4ed7279 CS-5933: Forces getSEO() always to return an array and fixes typo
b91fd21 CS-5942: Adds check if request is set
5985b49 update outdated tests for phpspec
beb8398 simplify repository method, use better way to checking if request is secure
967b131 add support to filter articles by section in /articles api resource
1fd9944 fix code typo
41a865e handle ssl and proper protocol behind proxy
9c1749a removed Visible to non subscribers switch - moved to paywall plugin
9089db1 AZ-266: Typo
84072f6 AZ-266: Add script to run webcode for many many webcodes
0cc66eb AZ-266: Adds return status to webcode command and removes weird loop
4a140ac simplify code in PlaylistsService
6864636 remove broken upgrade script, improve errors handling in publication edit form
456fdbc updated translation resources
fac026d updated translation resources
eea522a enable sluggable extension
0fa08f9 improve fetching topic articles
cecf521 polish and simplify code for front page template theme setting feature
d2d526b add support for comments likes and dislikes, render images, snippets, links and more in api this same as in template
b3c1e2e Fix issue with 500 error when session not exists in request object
eb3388a CS-5931: Stores language in session
82ca2a0 CS-5930: Removes unneeded parameter
3d29357 CS-5844: Initial commit
c5211d2 CS-5844: Detect language by uri parts, then issue
d714d20 Probable fix for multi theme handling per issue and language