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@asantoni asantoni released this Aug 18, 2015 · 75 commits to 2.5.x since this release

New in Airtime 2.5.2:

  • A brand new installer allowing simpler installation of the Airtime web application and Airtime's background daemons.
  • The basic Airtime web application configuration is now done graphically, in your browser.
  • Fixed a large number of scheduler bugs in situations where the user timezone, station timezone, and/or system timezone were different.
  • Fixed several critical scheduler bugs related to linked shows.
  • Performance improvements for linked shows.
  • Smart blocks now have a new criteria: Sorting by upload date (newest or oldest) - Feature developed by community contributor Robb Ebright
  • Unified the plethora of config files into a single airtime.conf, making it significantly easier to tinker.
  • All Python-based daemons have been cleaned up and adhere to Python packaging standards better (using setuptools).
  • The airtime-check-system utility has been deprecated and removed, since all relevant health checks and information are presented graphically during the installer and inside the System->Status menu inside Airtime.
  • Fixes a bug in the installer

Full release notes are on the Sourcefabric wiki:

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Mar 16, 2015
Removed use of virtualenv in utils

@asantoni asantoni released this Jan 19, 2015 · 113 commits to 2.5.x-installer since this release


  • Over 50 bugfixes
  • Significant improvements to the stability of linked shows
  • A brand new installer
  • New APIs: /live-info-v2, /station-metadata, /station-logo, /show-history-feed, /item-history-feed, /show-tracks, /show-schedules, and /shows
  • Consolidated config files into just /etc/airtime/airtime.conf now.
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@asantoni asantoni released this Jul 15, 2014 · 646 commits to 2.5.x since this release

Airtime 2.5.1 + security fix

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@asantoni asantoni released this Dec 17, 2013 · 646 commits to 2.5.x since this release

Airtime 2.5.1 brings a number of scheduler and calendar bugfixes, along with improved performance and user timezone handling.

This release is a recommended update for all users of Airtime 2.5.0.

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