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package opentracing
import (
basictracer ""
opentracing ""
var _ opentracing.Tracer = NewTracer(nil) // Compile time check.
// Options defines options for a Tracer.
type Options struct {
// ShouldSample is a function that allows deterministic sampling of a trace
// using the randomly generated Trace ID. The decision is made when a new Trace
// is created and is propagated to all of the trace's spans. For example,
// func(traceID int64) { return traceID % 128 == 0 }
// samples 1 in every 128 traces, approximately.
ShouldSample func(traceID uint64) bool
// Verbose determines whether errors are logged to stdout only once or all
// the time. By default, Verbose is false so only the first error is logged
// and the rest are silenced.
Verbose bool
// Logger is used to log critical errors that can't be collected by the
// Appdash Collector.
Logger *log.Logger
func newLogger() *log.Logger {
return log.New(os.Stderr, "opentracing: ", log.LstdFlags)
// DefaultOptions creates an Option with a sampling function that always return
// true and a logger that logs errors to stderr.
func DefaultOptions() Options {
return Options{
ShouldSample: func(_ uint64) bool { return true },
Logger: newLogger(),
// NewTracer creates a new opentracing.Tracer implementation that reports
// spans to an Appdash collector.
// The Tracer created by NewTracer reports all spans by default. If you want to
// sample 1 in every N spans, see NewTracerWithOptions. Spans are written to
// the underlying collector when Finish() is called on the span. It is
// possible to buffer and write span on a time interval using appdash.ChunkedCollector.
// For example:
// collector := appdash.NewLocalCollector(myAppdashStore)
// chunkedCollector := appdash.NewChunkedCollector(collector)
// tracer := NewTracer(chunkedCollector)
// If writing traces to a remote Appdash collector, an appdash.RemoteCollector would
// be needed, for example:
// collector := appdash.NewRemoteCollector("localhost:8700")
// tracer := NewTracer(collector)
// will record all spans to a collector server on localhost:8700.
func NewTracer(c appdash.Collector) opentracing.Tracer {
return NewTracerWithOptions(c, DefaultOptions())
// NewTracerWithOptions creates a new opentracing.Tracer that records spans to
// the given appdash.Collector.
func NewTracerWithOptions(c appdash.Collector, options Options) opentracing.Tracer {
opts := basictracer.DefaultOptions()
opts.ShouldSample = options.ShouldSample
opts.Recorder = NewRecorder(c, options)
return basictracer.NewWithOptions(opts)
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