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@bobheadxi bobheadxi released this 17 Jan 19:18
· 9 commits to main since this release

Some notable changes in this release:

  • pool: ContextPool and ResultContextPool no longer cancel on the first task that errors by default. To enable cancellation on first error, use WithCancelOnError.
  • panics: conc.PanicCatcher and conc.RecoveredPanic have been moved to a new subpackage, panics.
  • iter: Added iter.Iterator and iter.Mapper for configurable concurrency on ForEach, Map, and friends. The top-level iter.ForEach, etc will continue to work as before.
  • conc: Added WaitGroup.WaitAndRecover, which returns any recovered panics instead of re-panicking them.

Full changelog: v0.1.0...v0.2.0

Some of the changes listed above are breaking changes - this package is currently pre-1.0, and there are likely to be other breaking changes before a 1.0 release as we stabilize the APIs and tweak defaults. Please open an issue if you have questions, concerns, or requests that you'd like addressed before the 1.0 release. Currently, a 1.0 is targeted for March 2023.