Deploy Sourcegraph Data Center to a Kubernetes cluster for large-scale code search and intelligence
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Note to existing customers: if you are migrating from the old version of Data Center (configured using sourcegraph-server-gen), see docs/

Sourcegraph Data Center

Sourcegraph Data Center is for organizations that need highly scalable and available code search and code intelligence. This repository contains documentation for creating, updating, and maintaining a Sourcegraph Data Center cluster.

For product and pricing information, visit or contact us for more information. If you're just starting out, we recommend installing Sourcegraph on a single node first. Migrating to Data Center is easy when you're ready.


We've made this Helm chart open source to better serve our customers' needs. If there is a configuration point or Kubernetes option you would like to add, we would love to incorporate it. Pull requests and issues are reviewed and responded to quickly.