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Sourcegraph on Kubernetes

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Important Notice

🚨 The deploy-sourcegraph-k8s repository is now the preferred and officially supported repository for deploying Sourcegraph on Kubernetes.

All new Sourcegraph Kubernetes (without Helm) deployments should use the deploy-sourcegraph-k8s repository. Existing deployments will continue to receive security and critical bugfix updates in this repository for the time being. However, we recommend migrating to the deploy-sourcegraph-k8s repository for the best experience and to ensure you have the latest features and improvements. Please refer to the migration docs for Kustomize for more information.

Both repositories will be supported in parallel until further notice. All new changes and updates will be made in the deploy-sourcegraph-k8s repository and sync'd to this repository when possible. We recommend using deploy-sourcegraph-k8s for the most current deployment options.

Please contact us at if you have any concerns or questions about this migration. Thank you!


Deploying Sourcegraph into a Kubernetes cluster is for organizations that need highly scalable and available code search and code intelligence. This repository contains documentation for creating, updating, and maintaining a Sourcegraph cluster.

IMPORTANT: When upgrading Sourcegraph, please check upgrading docs to check if any manual migrations are necessary.

The master branch tracks development. Use the branch of this repository corresponding to the version of Sourcegraph you wish to deploy, e.g. git checkout 3.19.

For product and pricing information, visit or contact us for more information. If you're just starting out, we recommend running Sourcegraph as a single Docker container or using Docker Compose. Migrating to Sourcegraph on Kubernetes is easy later.

Is Kubernetes the right deployment type for me?

Please see our docs for comparisons of deployment types and our resource estimator.


We've made our deployment configurations open source to better serve our customers' needs. If there is anything we can do to make deploying Sourcegraph easier just open an issue (in sourcegraph/sourcegraph) or a pull request and we will respond promptly!

Questions & Issues

Open an issue (in sourcegraph/sourcegraph) or contact us (, we are happy to help!


The contents of this repository are open-source licensed. However, it makes reference to non-open-source images and actually running Sourcegraph using this repository falls under Sourcegraph's enterprise license terms.