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Amazon AWS Simple Email Service (SES) client for Go
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go-ses - send email using Amazon AWS Simple Email Service

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go-ses is an API client library for Amazon AWS Simple Email Service (SES). It is a fork of Patrick Crosby's stathat/amzses.

Note: the public API is experimental and subject to change until further notice.


Documentation: go-ses on Sourcegraph.

Example: example_test.go (Sourcegraph):

package ses_test

import (

func Example() {
	// Change the From address to a sender address that is verified in your Amazon SES account.
	from := ""
	to := ""

	// EnvConfig uses the AWS credentials in the environment variables $AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and
	res, err := ses.EnvConfig.SendEmail(from, to, "Hello, world!", "Here is the message body.")
	if err == nil {
		fmt.Printf("Sent email: %s...\n", res[:32])
	} else {
		fmt.Printf("Error sending email: %s\n", err)

	// output:
	// Sent email: <SendEmailResponse xmlns="http:/...

Running tests

  1. Set the environment variables $AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and $AWS_SECRET_KEY and $AWS_SES_ENDPOINT.
  2. Example SES Endpoint
  3. Run go test, where is a sender address that is verified in your Amazon SES account.



2013-06-11 (forked from stathat/amzses)

  • renamed API functions to be consistent with AWS SES API endpoints
  • reads AWS credentials from a Config struct, not from a config file
  • added runnable example_test.go
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