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package jsonrpc2
import (
// HandlerWithError implements Handler by calling the func for each
// request and handling returned errors and results.
func HandlerWithError(handleFunc func(context.Context, *Conn, *Request) (result interface{}, err error)) *HandlerWithErrorConfigurer {
return &HandlerWithErrorConfigurer{handleFunc: handleFunc}
// HandlerWithErrorConfigurer is a handler created by HandlerWithError.
type HandlerWithErrorConfigurer struct {
handleFunc func(context.Context, *Conn, *Request) (result interface{}, err error)
suppressErrClosed bool
// Handle implements Handler.
func (h *HandlerWithErrorConfigurer) Handle(ctx context.Context, conn *Conn, req *Request) {
result, err := h.handleFunc(ctx, conn, req)
if req.Notif {
if err != nil {
conn.logger.Printf("jsonrpc2 handler: notification %q handling error: %v\n", req.Method, err)
resp := &Response{ID: req.ID}
if err == nil {
err = resp.SetResult(result)
if err != nil {
if e, ok := err.(*Error); ok {
resp.Error = e
} else {
resp.Error = &Error{Message: err.Error()}
if !req.Notif {
if err := conn.SendResponse(ctx, resp); err != nil {
if err != ErrClosed || !h.suppressErrClosed {
conn.logger.Printf("jsonrpc2 handler: sending response %s: %v\n", resp.ID, err)
// SuppressErrClosed makes the handler suppress jsonrpc2.ErrClosed errors from
// being logged. The original handler `h` is returned.
// This is optional because only in some cases is this behavior desired. For
// example, a handler that serves end-user connections may not want to log
// ErrClosed because it just indicates the end-user connection has gone away
// for any reason (they could have lost wifi connection, are no longer
// interested in the request and closed the connection, etc) and as such it
// would be log spam, whereas a handler that serves internal connections would
// never expect connections to go away unexpectedly (which could indicate
// service degradation, etc) and as such ErrClosed should always be logged.
func (h *HandlerWithErrorConfigurer) SuppressErrClosed() Handler {
h.suppressErrClosed = true
return h
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