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Update dependency typescript to ^3.5.1 #52

merged 1 commit into from Jun 10, 2019


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commented Jun 1, 2019

This PR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update New value References Sourcegraph
typescript (source) devDependencies minor ^3.5.1 homepage, source code search for "typescript"

Release Notes



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For release notes, check out the release announcement.

For new features, check out the What's new in TypeScript v3.5.1.

For the complete list of fixed issues, check out the

Downloads are available on:

Special thanks to all our contributors in this release:

  • [Empty list]


  • cf7b2d4 Bring #​31486 and #​31586 into release-3.5 (#​31634) [ #​31615 ]

  • ff7f239 Update LKG.

  • 660964b Update version to '3.5.1'.

  • 4e0fa10 Merge branch 'master' into release-3.5

  • 38f3b05 31304 - Autocomplete for enum values fails when typing "/" (#​31362)

  • b724c13 Merge pull request #​31588 from microsoft/noLogWhenPluginFound

  • 57d9ecc Do not log errors when ts server plugin is not found in one folder but is eventually resolved. [ #​30106 ]

  • a06ab85 Merge pull request #​31560 from andrewbranch/bug/31485

  • 9380b9f Merge pull request #​31568 from andrewbranch/bug/31347

  • 7ff97d1 Merge pull request #​31572 from microsoft/normalizedIntersectionLimiter

    See more
  • b460d8c Expose getTypeOfArrayLiteralOrObjectLiteralDestructuringAssignment with better name (#​31564)

  • dfd28d2 Fix handling of empty 'types', 'typings', etc. fields in package.json (#​31539)

  • bb4080c Collect all symlinks a file may have witnessed when attempting to generate specifiers (#​31571)

  • 01d1514 Accept new baselines

  • 53f37cf Add test

  • f20a4fd Limit size of union types resulting from intersection type normalization

  • 8ab0a25 Improve error messages when indexing into a type (#​31379)

  • a2b4029 Merge pull request #​31542 from andrewbranch/bug/31481

  • 7359ff8 Add test

  • 5d9d4b2 Manually copy just postMessage changes (#​31557)

  • f97f57c Fix containsPrecedingToken for tokens whose preceding token is a missing node

  • 4d27361 Allow JS with isolated modules (#​31483)

  • ae7a1b4 Merge pull request #​31541 from microsoft/packageId

  • e601333 Merge pull request #​31537 from microsoft/fixIndexedAccessConstraint

  • 300cbef Don’t crash when creating a union signature from signatures that do and don’t have this types

  • cd7a14a Reuse getSimplifiedTypeOrConstraint function

  • 9f6791a Error when writing to readonly tuple in rest element range

  • 5d188a8 Always use resolved file to figure out subModule name in package id [ #​30429 ]

  • eecb6d9 Add failing test

  • 85d3c5d Trace Package id at the module resolution site

  • 431f0d6 Add test case for #​30429

  • 6a559e3 Fix crash when checking invalid object rest (#​31530)

  • 3d2af9f Relocate Debug namespace to reduce duplication (#​31524)

  • c3055e5 Fix compiler crash with object rest in catch binding (#​31522)

  • b3dc32f Reset error record in downlevel for-of (#​31519)

  • 7611c5b Fix for computed properties in instance initializers (#​31517)

  • b36c8a0 Make anyArray.filter(Boolean) return any[], not unknown

  • 1e7a77c Merge pull request #​31503 from microsoft/casing

  • b7012b5 Accept new baselines

  • 2fd4aae Add regression test

  • 8120094 Simplify index and object types when obtaining indexed access constraint

  • de96b41 Merge pull request #​31521 from microsoft/relatedSpanSubsequentDeclarations

  • 81d3595 Accepted baselines.

  • 3f59129 Add related span to original declaration on disagreeing variable/property types.

  • c71423e Update user baselines (#​31496)

  • 38f689d Merge pull request #​31484 from microsoft/completionsSorting

  • 6971182 Merge pull request #​31505 from microsoft/fileNotFound

  • 43c7eb7 Switch to using File not found message instead of trace message file does not exit [ #​30872 ]

  • db15051 Ignore drive letters when comparing casings of the files with forceConsistentCasingInFileNames [ #​31327 ]

  • 3745694 Merge pull request #​31476 from microsoft/cacheUnnormalizedIntersections

  • 07d850c Prevent type parameter printing from recuring on the same symbol (#​31453)

  • 00cea41 Add sortText depending scope of symbols [ #​15024 ]

  • 9052804 Test docCommentTemplate for prototype methods (#​31477)

  • 2c34672 Merge branch 'master' into cacheUnnormalizedIntersections

  • 907664c Merge pull request #​31454 from microsoft/fixThisTypeIndexSignature

  • 309ae22 Cache unnormalized intersection types

  • 41a3f83 Accept new baselines

  • c6a670d Add regression test

  • d67fe13 Don't ignore index signatures in this type constraints

  • eeba30a Fix infinite loop: module.exports alias detection (#​31436)

  • f4b83ef Fix newlines in smartSelection baselines to not be platform dependent (#​31437)

  • 791af38 Update LKG.

  • 90f9a99 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into release-3.5

  • 15daf42 Merge pull request #​31028 from andrewbranch/feature/smart-select

  • c0bbb9b Update LKG.

  • ff74180 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into release-3.5

  • d484163 Merge pull request #​31262 from rpgeeganage/new_keyword_consistent_resolve

  • 9221868 Merge pull request #​31400 from microsoft/undoSubsitutionSimplification

  • 3885e3f Fix error message regressed by #​30916 (#​31276)

  • 92a1547 Accept new baselines

  • 4b5968e Revert change to substitution type simplification

  • 0007c09 Update LKG.

  • e83f9e9 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into release-3.5

  • fb6ae38 Merge pull request #​31354 from microsoft/deferConditionalTypes

  • 70950cb Merge pull request #​31377 from microsoft/noThisParameterFiltering

  • 4da2c25 Merge pull request #​31361 from anikethsaha/master

  • d292346 Add comment providing context on the change

  • 066e4b6 Accept new baselines

  • 1b3589b Remove simplification logic from getConditionalType + simplify substitution types

  • 4e040f7 Merge pull request #​31374 from weswigham/defer-conditionals-with-simplification

  • f140dfc Chain RHS narrowing and truthiness narrowing in assignment expression narrowing (#​31348)

  • a65f35b Remove fourslash test

  • 90667e1 Remove this-parameter filtering in statement completion

  • 8ba53b6 Simplify conditionals upon comparison, rather than instantiation

  • 5460281 Update user baselines (#​31371)

  • 8965650 ignore trigger chars within a string literal

  • c610b98 Moved the badges below the Typescript Header

  • b7fe99a Instantiate constraint with default upon comparison (#​31240)

  • bb9c5c9 Reuse existing type instantiations

  • 33c7e7f Accept new baselines

  • 71fe8e8 Defer resolution of the true and false branches of conditional types

  • f957f39 Update LKG.

  • f46f0b3 Update version to 'rc'.

  • ae3d1d4 Merge pull request #​31221 from microsoft/improveReverseMappedTypes

  • bca2808 Merge pull request #​31337 from microsoft/fixConditionalTypeParameterReference

  • d8f2702 Cache control flow results across invocations (#​31003)

  • 39e9a2b Maintain modifiers on Omit (#​31205)

  • 1366cc7 Accept new baselines

  • ee59cee Add regression test

  • 46a278d Consistently check conditional extends type for type parameter references

  • c104aa1 Accept new baselines

  • 4af3a3b Lower priority for inferences made from partial reverse mapped types

  • 0c9db71 fix parsing of leading union/intersection operator (#​31265) [ #​30995 ]

  • a2c1fea Update user baselines (#​31310)

  • 15e9c4c Merge pull request #​31301 from microsoft/fixCustomTransformers

  • 0c1a283 Add opt-in behavior for custom transforms to support bundles

  • b40b542 Merge pull request #​29676 from NicholasLYang/fixObjectRestEnumeration

  • 8c07b40 Merge pull request #​31098 from andrewbranch/bug/30804

  • 5fb6bbe Updating README: Travis CI icon (#​31279)

  • 4b77f34 Fixed several typos, mostly in comments and parameter names. (#​31287)

  • 9ee8e06 Update user baselines (#​31289)

  • 714821f add refactor of extract type (#​30562)

  • 6c4876a Merge pull request #​31270 from ajafff/getParsedCommandLine-path

  • 3c2f368 add assert

  • 8f209be fixed the comments

  • cc0e5a0 Update user baselines (#​31269)

  • 676ed3e parseProjectReferenceConfigFile: always set SourceFile.path

  • ca749b1 updated the baseline files

  • 9959ce4 added test

  • 578013b modified the service file

  • 4ee0084 avoid more useless type assertions (#​31239)

  • b365e65 Add unmeasurable variance kind for marking types whose variance result is unreliable (#​30416)

  • fc88a1c Don't use any[] in arrayFrom (#​31201)

  • 66d4010 Update user baselines (#​31207)

  • 6aaeb52 Accept new baselines

  • f73308b Add tests

  • 8891d4f Permit reverse mapped types to be created from partially inferable types

  • aa0e64a Merge pull request #​31216 from ajafff/parsejsonconfigfilecontent-configcache

  • 883b00d parseJsonConfigFileContent: add extendedConfigCache parameter

  • 7d6d4b6 Merge pull request #​31213 from Microsoft/removeInternal

  • 45d72d0 Fix accidental internal parameter to public API

  • fa4d5a2 Fixed broken twitter account link in (#​31210)

  • b5ffc26 Don't use 'any[]' - return type are bivariant when relating to overloads.

  • d7434a0 Accepted baselines.

  • e3a91d8 Merge pull request #​31191 from Microsoft/fileFromNodeModules

  • d9e8246 Change Omit back to using Pick<T, Exclude<keyof T, K>> in order to maintain modifiers.

  • a86fa20 Don't pass a candidates array to getResolvedSignature (#​31203) [ #​30505 ]

  • d22cb0c Accepted baselines.

  • 60962a8 Added test.

  • 56b19c9 Merge pull request #​31119 from andrewbranch/bug/31020

  • c9eb846 Improve error message for use of 'await' in non-async context (#​31194)

  • bafdf4b remove extra newline

  • 55bffe3 add tests to check errors for use of 'await' in non-async function

  • 1fd9de3 do not suggest to mark constructor 'async'

  • 8e9556a fix existing tests to accept new behavior

  • 246b66c add related info to error for use of for-await-of in non-async function

  • b0143bb add relatedInfo to error message for 'await' used in non-async function

  • a58fdf2 Include only files that can be emitted into the source file directory check for composite projects [ #​31181 ]

  • 3df65a7 Add test when module resolution includes .ts file from node_modules

  • e8161ef Update user baselines (#​31188)

  • 9509a54 Merge pull request #​31141 from Microsoft/fixInferenceToIndexedAccessWithSubstitution

  • d1646c7 Fix the failing baseline

  • 66bdc83 Merge pull request #​31128 from Microsoft/buildWatchCaching

  • 7c63658 Merge branch 'master' into buildWatchCaching

  • 0c9a35c Use 'Omit' instead of 'Pick<Exclude<...>>' for object rest (#​31134)

  • 49d6f61 Add ES2019 Object.fromEntries function (#​30934)

  • 1d83982 fix(lib): Loosen Array predicate return types (#​31076)

  • 5bc8a8d JSDocTypeTag.typeExpression is not optional (#​30452)

  • 9efea31 Merge pull request #​31101 from Microsoft/cacheParseConfigFile

  • 1818218 Move substitution type elimination to getActualTypeVariable

  • d102ec0 Better typings for promise.race based on conditional types (#​31117) [ #​25947 ]

  • 90d3acf Merge pull request #​31078 from andrewbranch/bug/30752

  • 9005449 Merge pull request #​31116 from Microsoft/higherOrderConstructorTypes

  • 6e736c1 Added custom error message when trying to assign constraint type to generic type parameter (#​30394) [ #​29049 ]

  • 7016d45 Better errors for indexing gettable/settable values (#​26446)

  • 3ce3cde Allow Boolean() to be used to perform a null check (#​29955)

  • be409fa Merge pull request #​31137 from Microsoft/fixConditionalInference

  • 61e1009 More test baseline adjustments.

  • 0da305b Adjusted baseline for tests.

  • 39321a5 Adjusted tests to correct baseline with new __rest

  • 9b32742 Modified __rest output in test baselines.

  • 80d8e66 Added a Object.prototype.propertyIsEnumerable check to __rest to prevent enumerable symbols from sneaking through.

  • 31551fd Only instantiate types if we need to

  • a539887 Merge pull request #​31150 from Microsoft/fixReadonlyIndexedAccess

  • 2d8527f Merge pull request #​30779 from Microsoft/relateDiscriminants

  • 26fd6da Relate a source type that is sufficiently covered by a target discriminated union

  • de9b91f simplify pragma comment parsing (#​31144)

  • 7e135e7 Merge pull request #​31165 from Microsoft/targetAffectsEmit

  • 1e22110 Merge branch 'master' into cacheParseConfigFile

  • fb21e70 Target affects emit hence mark the option so that all files are reemitted when target changes [ #​31118 ]

  • 7423c69 Merge pull request #​31142 from Microsoft/binderPerf

  • 47d9081 Update user baselines (#​31161)

  • 64174b9 Accept new baselines

  • bbce336 Add additional tests

  • 6d60f69 Accept new baselines

  • 3050c62 Add regression test

  • 9c401b4 Remove over-eager check of AccessFlags.Writing in getIndexedAccessType

  • 57a8ee1 Fix binder performance regression

  • ed75e1d Accept new baselines

  • 4f38aa8 Add regression test

  • 0759bc6 Fix inference to indexed access type containing substitution type

  • 19bdaf8 Accept new baselines

  • 0783757 Add regression test

  • 5a567ad Properly instantiate true type when extends type is any or unknown

  • 4051d73 Accept new baselines

  • 53cbea7 Add tests

  • 454b428 check more case for empty binding patten (#​25263)

  • d4c2fdc Make changes to public API

  • d934401 Change the type of 'uriComponent' (passed to 'encodeURIComponent') from 'string' to 'string | number | boolean'. Fixes #​18159 (#​31103)

  • 5940eb8 Enable caches while watch mode compilation

  • 94ee0dc Merge pull request #​31100 from Microsoft/tsBuildCacheModuleResolution

  • 0949ad1 Fix #​24991: Weaken narrowing for == (#​29840)

  • 67a9029 Update existing baseline

  • 3e79e8d Accept new baselines

  • be88d53 Only defer function type inference when contextual type is function type

  • 0eb2862 Update error code in baseline

  • e81fa21 Emit error on class fields named "constructor"

  • 95413f0 Merge pull request #​31000 from Microsoft/ignoreStringIndexSignaturesOnly

  • 9f601ff Change error code

  • b1b0a82 Add baselines

  • c5e6913 Add grammar error on quoted constructors for TS 3.5

  • d865ea7 resolveName: remove useless case (#​28669)

  • f9d12ed fix 31012 allow noEmitOnError with isolatedModules (#​34) (#​31043) [ #​31012 ]

  • 5b79b94 add action for enabling experimentalDescorators option in user config… (#​30484) [ #​29035 ]

  • b8e3c41 fix jsdoc iterator on expression of export assignment (#​30558)

  • 867c992 Update

  • 1a75d52 add ES2020 matchAll APIs (#​30936)

  • 9bb8373 Accept API changes

  • 50f5e16 Accept new baselines

  • 58898f4 Make Omit alias a separate type (#​31115)

  • b45df89 emit error on destructuring of rest property (#​29609) [ #​26005 ]

  • dc7c9ba Avoid eagerly computing test payload (#​27851)

  • 9168bd4 Simplify hasExportDeclarations (#​27846)

  • 591b255 update error message and update baselines (#​27628)

  • 4fe59dc Only defer pure functions and pure constructor functions during inference

  • 72f30a8 Add test for quoted constructors

  • aafba36 Avoid recalculating versionPaths in loadNodeModuleFromDirectory (#​27537)

  • 6e4c150 When function parameters span multiple lines, make the function span start at the ( (#​26907)

  • 583edce fix compiler crash (#​25925)

  • e007ccf Simplify chaining of transforms (#​22994)

  • bc46c77 allow literan enum const assertions (#​30700)

  • fcd6f52 Accept new baselines

  • 4384c90 Support higher order inferences for constructor functions

  • a34f988 Accepted baselines.

  • 57938e6 Make Omit alias its own mapped type so that references to it never expand to Pick<...>.

  • 622cb42 Accepted baselines.

  • 60e7b5d Added tests.

  • 80f1ba4 Cache files extended so we arent calculating the config again and again

  • 89497fc Don’t use checkExpressionCached when checking spread element inside a loop

  • b010010 Merge pull request #​31095 from andrewbranch/tslint-exclude-tests

  • 93b958e Share module resolution cache among different program

  • 3264b64 Reuse map if module resolution is same for redirected and own files

  • fecafeb Add getParsedCommandLine optional method on compiler host to be able to provide parsedCommandLine instead of redoing work

  • 4b81e37 Merge pull request #​31093 from andrewbranch/bug/30997

  • 7ba1c8a Exclude everything in tests

  • 48f0380 Add crashing test

  • f27cf9b Merge pull request #​30971 from Microsoft/dtsSignatureChange

  • fc7b7c8 Exclude tests/cases from tslint

  • 9564368 Fix crash getting error for type alias index signature without a type

  • d4ff58d [fix] ES5 Object.keys only accepts an object (#​27089)

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commented Jun 1, 2019

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