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How to develop for Fail2Ban
Fail2Ban uses GIT ( distributed source control. This gives
each developer their own complete copy of the entire repository. Developers can
add and switch branches and commit changes when ever they want and then ask a
maintainer to merge their changes.
Fail2Ban uses GitHub ( to manage access to
the Git repository. GitHub provides free hosting for open-source projects as
well as a web-based Git repository browser and an issue tracker.
If you are familiar with Python and you have a bug fix or a feature that you
would like to add to Fail2Ban, the best way to do so it to use the GitHub Pull
Request feature. You can find more details on the Fail2Ban wiki
Existing tests can be run by executing `fail2ban-testcases`.
Documentation about creating tests (when tests are required and some guidelines
for creating good tests) will be added soon.
Coding Standards:
Coming Soon.