Assets 2

This update is mostly focused on bug fixing.

In this update

  • Added EJS pre-rendering, now you can use includes in any Spec pages (docs)
  • Spec Style test page added
  • Removed hack with "!" after hash in Spec page URLs
  • Removed unused specAssets module
  • Specs with tag "hidden" are now not appearing in Search
  • Removed line numbers in show code snippets because of their unstability
  • Simplified nav page markup
  • Turned off auto URL hash update on scroll, because of performance (to return it, modify options.assets.modulesOptions.navHighlight.updateHash)
  • Updated Bootstrap version to v3.3.4 (used in docs pages for examples)
  • And various bug fixes, view the full list of changes in 0.5.1 PR

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