Crowd Voice - Sourcejs plugin for adding user custom info on spec page from browser.
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Crowd Voice

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Crowd Voice SourceJS plugin for adding user custom info on spec page from browser.

Crowd Voice

To install, run npm in sourcejs/user folder:

npm install sourcejs-crowd-voice --save

Then run Grunt update in SourceJS root:

cd sourcejs
grunt update

After installation, all your Specs pages will have "Add description" tumbler in inner menu, that will active the plugin.



As MongoDB is not essential dependency for SourceJS, you must install it separately, to work with plugins that expect data storage.

Install it, run locally or remotely and configure your SourceJS in sourcejs/user/options.js:

core: {
  "production": {
    "host": "localhost",
    "dbName": "sourcejs"

Host could point to remote service. Database name could be custom as well.

Connect to DB from app

Then prepare mongoose dependency - as it must be common for every plugins, install it in sourcejs/user

npm install mongoose --save

And edit /sourcejs/user/core/app.js, that extends main SourceJS application. Just add this code snippet, for connection to database:

/* Connect to DB */
var mongoose = require('mongoose');

var dbAdress = 'mongodb://' + + '/' + global.opts.core.production.dbName;

mongoose.connection.on("connecting", function() {
    return console.log("Started connection on " + (dbAdress).cyan + ", waiting for it to open...".grey);
mongoose.connection.on("open", function() {
    return console.log("MongoDB connection opened!".green);
mongoose.connection.on("error", function(err) {
    console.log("Could not connect to mongo server!".red);
    return console.log(;

/* /Connect to DB */


0.3.0 release:

  • markdown syntax support based on Pagedown converter;
  • migration from CouchDB to MongoDB;
  • some design improvements

Compatible with SourceJS v0.4+, for v0.3.* use previous release.