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Package Descriptor

A sm compatible package must have a package descriptor stored in a package.json file at the root of the package.

The following declarations are recognized:

package.json ~ {
"uid": "<string>",
    "name": "<string>",
    "version": "<semver>",
    "pm": "<name>",
    "help": {
  "web": "<uri>",
  "cli": "./<path>"
"dependencies": {
  "<depName>": "<pointer>"
    "devDependencied": {},
    "mappings": {},
    "devMappings": {},
    "optionalMappings": {},
"bin": {
  "<binAlias>": "<path>"
"scripts": {
  "start-workspace": "<command>",
  "stop-workspace": "<command>",
  "install": "<command>"

The above is loosely based on the following specifications:

Once a package has a package descriptor it may be used via the sm Command Line Tool or the sm NodeJS Module.

See Package Environment for what can be achieved with the package descriptor.

See Platforms and Engines for <platform*> and <engine*> defaults.

Details on properties


  • A url that points to the repository uri for the package excluding any branch, version or revision identification.


  • Where <depName> === <pkgAlias> and is the name of a package from the <platformRegistry> and <pointer> a npm version range.
  • Where packages are installed at ./<platformDepFolder>/<depName>.
  • Where <pointer> is one of npm version range.


  • Use the official stable (or most stable) distribution channel.
  • Where <pointer> is one of:
    • [<pm>, <uri>, <extra>] where <pm> determines valid values for <uri> and <extra> may override package descriptor.
    • <uri>


  • Where <path> is linked to ./.sm/bin/<depAlias>-<binAlias>


  • Where <command> may be formatted according to SM.for("").require("helpers").makeNodeCommanFromString("<command>").
  • For *-workspace scripts see Package Environment.
  • Where install is called after all dependencies are resolved and is intended to compile the package.


Used to display help information for a package when user calls sm help.

  • help.cli is optional.
  • help.web is optional.
  • help: "./<path>" will be converted to help: { cli: "./<path>" }.
  • help: "<uri>" will be converted to help: { web: "<uri>" }.
  • help.cli must point to JS module within package. Module must export main(API) where API.TERM.stdout may be used to write to console.


  • $__DIRNAME is replaced with the absolute realpath to the directory representing the root of the package.
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