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KADAS Albireo

KADAS Albireo is a specialized Geographic Information System based on QGIS.


Special features:

  • Streamlined user interface
  • Redlining functionality
  • GPS route digitizing
  • Advanced terrain Analysis functionality
  • Numeric inputs for redlining and terrain analysis
  • Place search with Swisstopo API and Sphinx search API drivers
  • Catalog with Swisstopo API, ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Portal drivers
  • Providers for ArcGIS Feature and Map services
  • 3D globe with marker symbols as billboards
  • Multiple map windows
  • Improved WMTS support
  • MGRS support for coordinate display and grids in print layouts
  • Online-/Offline detection with online-/offline project templates

Some functionality is implemented as Python plugins:

  • Print dialog with quick settings and preview
  • Integrated user manual

An additional start parameter is used to activate the ribbon GUI. See kadas-albireo.bat in the bin directory.


Multiple views


Mesurement tools

Lines, circles, angles, areas:


Geodectic distance measurment:


Geodectic radius with real-time display:


Terrain analysis

Line of Sight calculations:

line of sight



More tools like hillshade and viewshed analysis are available as well.



Redlining tools


Import camera images (EXIF)


GPS tools (GPX)


Military symbols


3D visualization and interaction

globe globe2



Feedback and support:

This software is commercially supported by Sourcepole, Switzerland. To get more information, please contact qgis at sourcepole.com.