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We welcome contributions to Sourcerer App by the community.

See README for more information about prerequirements and building project.

How to report a problem

Please search before creating a new issue. Feel free to add issues related to the app or sourcerer site.

Submitting сhanges

  • Open a new issue in the issue tracker.
  • Fork and clone the repo with git clone
  • Create a new branch based off the develop branch.
  • Make changes.
  • Make sure all tests pass.
  • Submit a pull request, referencing any issues it addresses.

We will review your Pull Request as soon as possible. Thank you for contributing!

Integration testing

We will work on a special environment for contributors in the nearest future. For now one should use his personal or additional account on site.

Style guides

Commit messages

Format: type(component): message (jira issue tag, github issue number with #)

Message types:

  • feat is used when new feature is provided;
  • wip is used when making regular commit and changes don't match any other types;
  • fix is used when you fix a bug;
  • chore is used when changes are about organization, not about logic;
  • docs is used when you add/change documentation. Component is a decomposition unit your commit affected. Write message in present simple.

Examples: feat(logger): add rotating chore: remove redundant commas, add copyright wip: pass models to routers fix: program exit is prevented when button is pressed (COMP-1, #123)

Kotlin style guide

  • Code has a column limit of 80 characters.
  • Inline comments should be indented with 2 spaces from code.

We are using Kotlin Coding Conventions.

Code of conduct

We value input from each member of the community, however we urge you to abide by code of conduct.

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