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Sourcery - Instant AI Code Reviews

Sourcery is here to help you:

  • Speed up your code review process
  • Improve your code quality and ensure high quality code
  • Spend less time on reviews
  • Accelerate development velocity

What is Sourcery

Sourcery is an automated code reviewer that will review any pull request on any GitHub repository to provide instant feedback on the proposed changes.

Every review will include a summary of the changes, high level feedback, and line by line suggestions/comments (where relevant).

Our goal is to provide you with the type of code review you would expect to get from a colleague. We're not there yet, but we're continually working to get our reviews closer to that point.

Getting Started

Add Sourcery to any repo to start seeing reviews on your new pull requests.

Sourcery is completely free to use for public repos/open source projects.

For private repos you can try Sourcery for free for 14 days, but need a Team or Pro plan after your trial ends.

Privacy & Security

We use both OpenAI and Anthropic LLMs to provide pieces of our code reviews. Because of this, we need to send them sections of your code (typically the diff of the PR).

However, none of your code is stored by us or by any third party for more than 30 days and none of your code is used to train any AI models.

IDE Coding Assistant

In addition to code reviews, you can use Sourcery as an automated pair programmer in your IDE.

Sourcery can help you:

  • Understand existing code (whether you wrote it yesterday or someone else wrote it years ago)
  • Add unit tests and docstrings to your code
  • Optimize code for readability or performance
  • Improve your code quality with instant suggestions

Find quick installation instructions here:

More editor integrations coming soon.


We're always trying to learn how we can make Sourcery better. Let us know any thoughts you have by emailing



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