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Sourcesense integration with IKS FISE project
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This is the Sourcesense project for integration of Confluence/Alfresco with IKS FISE Enrichment engine.

Confluence plugin

The Confluence plugin works with a listener object which handles event on pages and blog posts, get the page content and send it over to a FISE remote server or to a bundled FISE service.

The result appears in labels which are automatically generated with the entities extracted by FISE.

The enrichment engine service/executor can be plugged with Spring enabled components in Confluence defining an implementation of the EnrichmentEngineExecutor interface and then plugging it in the Maven profile with the following xml snippet:


Remote version

The remote version of the plugin sends enrichment requests to a remote server via the FISEServerEnrichmentEnginesExecutor implementation. The remote server is a demo instance provided by Nuxeo but the FISE URL can be changed to address some other FISE server remote instance. Note that the Nuxeo FISE has 4 engines enabled but only the enrichment coming from the openNLP one are taken into account. To build the plugin with the remote version use

  mvn -Premote package

then install the jarname-remote-jar-with-dependencies.jar package in Confluence via the admin UI.

Bundled version

The bundled version of the IKS Confluence plugin uses a non-OSGi version of the openNLP NER FISE service. Since the openNLP NER requires at least a -XmX1024m in the Confluence JVM (due to NLP models) be sure that this requirement is met before installing it.

To build the plugin with the bundled version use

  mvn -Pbundled package

then install the jarname-bundled-jar-with-dependencies.jar package in Confluence via the admin UI.

Alfresco plugin

See the README.txt under alfresco-integration module.

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