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Academic Documentation Site

This is the public repository for, a static website generated by Academic.

If you find any errors in our docs or have suggestions, please submit an issue or pull request.

For minor changes like typos, you can click Edit this page, located at the bottom of the right sidebar on most documentation pages. This will take you to an online editor where you can modify the page and submit a pull request for your change to be reviewed.

For larger edits or new pages, you'll want to set up a local environment for editing:

git clone
cd academic-www
hugo server

Add your site to the showcase

  1. Duplicate an existing site folder in content/expo/ and rename it appropriately.
  2. Add a web friendly screenshot of your site, named featured.png, and edit the details of your site in the

Create a new documentation page

Duplicate an existing documentation page and rename it appropriately.

Create a new release note

hugo new updates/


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