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+++ title = "Getting started"

date = 2016-04-20 lastmod = 2017-09-03 draft = false

toc = true # Show table of contents? true/false type = "docs" # Do not modify.

math = true


image = "headers/getting-started.png"

caption = "Image credit: Academic"


The Academic framework enables you to easily create a beautifully simple website using the Hugo static site generator in under 10 minutes 🚀

Why Academic?

Learn why Academic was created and the benefits of using it to power your site.

First steps

To get the most out of Academic, start by reviewing a few introductory topics:

[Setup]({{< relref "" >}}) - Install Academic for your platform.

[Quick Start]({{< relref "" >}}) and [Settings]({{< relref "" >}}) - Customize your website.

[Add content]({{< relref "" >}}) - Add content to your homepage such as blog posts, projects, talks, or publications.

Community - Connect with the Academic and Hugo community.

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