Create a Project/Team Website and Knowledge Sharing Platform with (R) Markdown
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Project Kickstart-R

Project Kickstart-R provides a minimal template to create a Landing Page and Knowledge Sharing Platform with Academic and (R) Markdown. Popular applications include creating sites for organizations, software documentation, online courses, conferences, and academic labs.

Academic makes it easy to create a beautiful website for free using (R) Markdown. Customize anything on your site with widgets, themes, and language packs.


Install in 5 Steps

Open RStudio and run the following commands to create your new project website with Project Kickstart-R:

  1. Download Project Kickstart-R to your working directory:

    download.file( url = "", destfile="")
  2. Extract the ZIP file and open the project-kickstart-r.Rproj project:

    unzip( zipfile = "" )
  3. Install the Blogdown and Hugo dependencies:

  4. Install the Academic framework:

    blogdown::install_theme(theme = "gcushen/hugo-academic")
  5. View your new site:


A browser tab should open, displaying your new website. Otherwise, check your RStudio console messages - you may need to restart RStudio after installing the dependencies.

Next Steps

Learn how to customize your site, create content, and edit content using R Markdown and shortcodes.

Note that R content should be saved with the .Rmarkdown file extension rather than .Rmd.

Finally, deploy your site to the internet.


  • Academic Admin: An admin tool to import publications from BibTeX or import assets for an offline site
  • Academic Scripts: Scripts to help migrate content to new versions of Academic


Copyright 2018-present George Cushen.

Released under the MIT license.