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Configures the core metrics section of the configuration

Introduced: v4.0.0




Name Type Default Description Allowed Values
enabled true, false true Enable metrics reporting true, false
basic_auth_username String If set configures the username to use for basic authentication on the metrics endpoint.
basic_auth_password String If set configures the password to use for basic authentication on the metrics endpoint.
interval_seconds Integer 10 Flush/Write interval when sending metrics to external TSDB. Defaults to 10s.
graphite_address String Format Hostname or ip:port
graphite_prefix String prod.grafana.%(instance_name)s. Graphite metric prefix
conf_directory String /etc/grafana The directory where the Grafana configuration resides Valid directory
config_file String /etc/grafana/grafana.ini The Grafana configuration file Valid file path
cookbook String grafana Which cookbook to look in for the template
source String grafana.ini.erb Name of the template


grafana_config_metrics 'grafana'
grafana_config_metrics 'grafana' do
  basic_auth_username 'grafana_user'
  basic_auth_password 'MySuperSecretPassword'
  graphite_address ''
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