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Configures the core session section of the configuration Note, if you're using Grafana v6.2 or newer, cookie/session settings are in Remote Cache and Security. See and

Introduced: v4.0.0 Removed: v6.2.0




Name Type Default Description Allowed Values
session_provider Symbol file Provider to use memory file redis mysql postgres memcache
provider_config String sessions See
cookie_name String grafana_sess Session cookie name
cookie_secure true, false false Set to true if you host Grafana behind HTTPS only. Defaults to false. true, false
session_life_time Integer 86400 How long sessions lasts in seconds. Defaults to 86400 (24 hours).
gc_interval_time Integer 86400 How often to garbase collect
conn_max_lifetime Integer 14400 Connection Max Lifetime (seconds, 14400 = 4 hours)


grafana_config_session 'grafana'
grafana_config_session 'grafana' do
  cookie_secure true
  session_provider :redis
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