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Installs Grafana from the repositories, this will setup the correct apt/yum repo and install it, allows you to supply your own custom repository.


  • :install


Name Type Default Description Allowed Values
version String nil Use if you want to install a specific version (Must exist in repo)
repo String Base Repository
key String GPG Key for Debian
rpm_key String GPG key for RPM
deb_distribution String stable Deb Distribution
deb_components Array ['main'] Deb Components


After install please create a service resource for grafana-server so it can restart on config changes


Installs Latest Grafana from official repository:

grafana_install 'grafana'

service 'grafana-server' do
  action [:enable, :start]
  subscribes :restart, ['template[/etc/grafana/grafana.ini]', 'template[/etc/grafana/ldap.toml]'], :delayed
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