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MSYS2 Cookbook

This cookbook will install MSYS2 and has LWRPs to interact with the MSYS2 environment.

This was built as an alternative for mingw that focuses moreso on the MSYS2 environment and allows you to utilize MSYS2 like a small UNIX environment within your Windows node.


  • Windows


  • default: Will install MSYS2, optionally update all of the packages, and optionally install packages set in the attributes.


Bolded actions are the default actions.

  • msys2_installer: Installs MSYS2.
    • :run: Installs MSYS2.
    • Configured with node['msys2']['install_dir'].
  • msys2_package: Installs a package in MSYS2.
    • :install: Installs a package.
    • :remove: Removes a package.
  • msys2_execute: Executes a command within the MSYS2 environment.
    • :run: Runs a command.
      • cwd: Runs the command from a different directory. Default directory is /.
      • returns: Checks the return value for success. Default successful return value is 0.
      • environment: A hash that contains environmental variables that should be set before execution.
      • live_stream: Outputs the command in execution as it runs.
      • sensitive: Prevents all output from being written out due to sensitive information.
      • msystem: Sets the MSYS2 environment to run the command from. Available values are :msys :mingw32 :mingw64.
  • msys2_update: Updates all packages in MSYS2.
    • :run: Updates all packages in MSYS2.


  • node['msys2']['install_dir']: The directory to install MSYS2 to.
  • node['msys2']['auto_update']: Will automatically update all packages when msys2::default is run.
  • node['msys2']['packages']: Packages to assure are installed when msys2::default is run.
  • node['msys2']['default_env']: The default MSYS2 environment to run commands in. Options include: :msys :mingw32 :mingw64.
  • node['msys2']['verbose']: Makes all commands run verbose.
  • node['msys2']['override_package']: Makes MSYS2 handle all package resources run on the Windows node.
  • node['msys2']['override_execute']: Makes MSYS2 handle all execute resources run on the Windows node.