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Sous-Chefs Foodcritic Rules

Here lie foodcritic rules to keep Sous-Chefs cookbooks similar.


The simplest thing that could possibly work:

git submodule add foodcritic/sc
foodcritic -I foodcritic/sc .

For more standard usage you'll want to install these rules as a Rake task.

Inside the cookbook repository, install the rules as a git submodule into foodcritic/sc:

git submodule add foodcritic/sc

Then in the Rakefile, ensure the include_rules option is set to include foodcritic/sc:

require 'foodcritic'

desc 'Run Chef style checks' do |t|
  t.options = {
    include_rules: 'foodcritic/sc',
    fail_tags: ['any'],
    progress: true,

Finally, verify that the rules are in affect by running:

rake style:chef