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hashicorp-vault cookbook

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Application cookbook for installing and configuring Hashicorp Vault.

Vault is a tool, which when used properly, manages secure manage to secrets for your infrastructure.

Platform Support

The following platforms have been certified with integration tests using Test Kitchen:

  • CentOS (RHEL) 6.8, 7.2
  • Ubuntu 12.04, 14.04, 16.04

Basic Usage

This cookbook was designed from the ground up to make it dead simple to install and configure the Vault daemon as a system service using Chef. It highlights several of our best practices for developing reusable infrastructure at Bloomberg.

This cookbook provides three sets of node attributes which can be used to fine tune the default recipe which installs and configures Vault. The values from these node attributes are fed directly into the custom resources.

This cookbook can be added to the run list of all of the nodes that you want to be part of the cluster. But the best way to use this is in a wrapper cookbook which sets up a backend, and potentially even TLS certificates. We provide an example Vault Cluster cookbook which uses our Consul cookbook for a highly-available storage solution.