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In this page, I will show some rules I have written. They are all real rules from my repos.

js: true option with feature spec

I see some of Feature Spec scenarios have js: true option, and others do not. The reason they look strange to me is some scenarios without js: true depend on JavaScript. I changed one of the js: true to js: false, and run the specs again. They run! What is happening?? The js does not stand for JavaScript?? What else?

The magic happens in rails_helper.rb.

Capybara.configure do |config|
  config.default_driver    = :poltergeist
  config.javascript_driver = :poltergeist

Okay, js: true does not make any sense, because both default_driver and javascript_driver are same.

Should we fix all of the scenarios now? If we leave them, new teammates will misunderstand js: true does something important and required. However, we don't want to fix them now. It does not do anything bad right now. So, my conclusion is I will do that, but not now 😸

It's the time to add a new Querly rule. When someone tries to add new scenario with js: true, tell the person that it does not make any sense.

- id: sample.scenario_with_js_option
  pattern: "scenario(..., js: _, ...)"
  message: |
    You do not need js:true option

    We are using Poltergeist as both default_driver and javascript_driver!
    - "scenario 'hello world', js: true, type: :feature do end"
    - "scenario 'foo bar' do end"

No new js: true scenario will be written. Our new teammate may try to write that. But Querly will tell they don't have to do that, instead of me.