Praxis Urban

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The South Coast Science Praxis Urban offers an out-of-the-box solution for urban air quality monitoring. The Praxis Urban answers both the challenge of capturing accurate data in variable climate conditions and the need for fine grained air quality monitoring networks.

This device was designed in consultation with the UN Environment Programme.


  • Alphasense analogue front-end (AFE) supporting up to four A4 electrochemical sensors, or three electrochemical sensors plus a photoionisation detector (PID) for volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) sensor for CO2 via separate interface
  • Ultra low-noise circuitry maximises repeatability of electrochemical sensing
  • Particulate monitoring uses Alphasense OPC-N2 or OPC-N3 optical particle counters
  • Temperature and relative humidity via enclosed Sensirion device


  • Wired: ethernet via waterproof RJ45 connector
  • Wireless: 2G cellular modem (4G available shortly)



  • Real-time clock with battery backup. Time synchronisation is via GPS receiver, network time protocol or real-time clock, as available


  • 90 to 240 V AC mains or 7 to 24 V DC input
  • Internal battery backup for up to 12 hours operation
  • Environment Operating range: -10 to 50 Centigrade

Data Infrastructure

  • OpenSensors community edition connectivity: free of charge, public data publishing, subscription and storage
  • OpenSensors building management dashboard connectivity: as part of a combined internal / external air quality monitoring system with data publishing, storage and OpenSensors dashboard access
  • South Coast Science / Amazon Web Services (AWS): data publishing, subscription, storage and automated web management tools & dashboard using customer account or managed service
  • Web dashboard for the display of timeline environmental and status information from individual devices
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