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We take your data privacy seriously. This privacy policy gives an overview of the third party services we use along with links to each providers guidance on data privacy.

South West Communities does not hold any data about our users anywhere else.

We will never share or sell your data with anyone unless we are legally required to do so. Ever.

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We use Mailchimp as our newsletter service provider.

The minimal amount of data we collect is:

  • Email Address
  • First Name
  • Residing County (optional)

This data is stored on the Mailchimp servers under an account secured with two factor authentication. You can remove your details from Mailchimp at anytime via this form or the link in the footer of any newsletter.

You can find out more about their data and privacy policy via the Mailchimp website.

<h2>Usage Analytics</h2>
<p>The South West Communities website uses a small number of third party services in order to understand our users behaviour. The information collected is vital for understanding how this website and connected services are used, helping to inform future product development.</p>
<p>This data is, from our perspective, anonymous. That said, providers may be able to identify you by combining your usage data from this website with that collected from others.</p>
<p>Our used usage analytics services are:</p>
  <li>Google Analytics</li>
  <li>Facebook Pixel</li>
<p>You can find out more about their individual policies via the following links.</p>
    <a href="">Google Analytics data practices</a>
    <a href="">Data Policy</a>
    <a href="">Cookies &amp; Other Storage Technologies</a>
    <a href="">Privacy Basics</a>