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Quota for Android (See public source code - free for non-commercial use
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Quota for Android

Quota for Android

Available on the Google AppStore HERE

Quota for Android (See


Quota allows you to monitor your Mobile Phone & ISP usage, News sites, Account Balances (Toll and Bank), FF and Loyalty cards.

Quota is powered by QuotaXML which is a dynamic open XML standard which describes how to extract the information from websites.

Summary Screen


ISP/Mobile Screen






You can create/modify existing providers by creating new QuotaXML description files. A development kit and full documentation can be downloaded HERE


  • Install Eclipse, Android SDK, clone the source code
  • Import Quota, actionbar, Wheel as Android projects into your workspace
  • Quota - Properties, Check Java Compiler 1.6, Android/Libraries Wheel,ActionBar
  • Quota - Properties, Check Java Build Path, Add External Jars (in lib directory) Apache,Dropbox,httpmime, signpost common,core
  • Wheel,ActionBar - Check Java Compiler 1.6

Want to contribute?

GitHub has some great articles on how to get started with Git and GitHub and how to fork a project.

Contributers are recommended to fork the app on GitHub (but don't have too). Create a feature branch, push the branch to git hub, press Pull Request and write a simple explanation.

One fix per commit. If say a a commit closes the open issue 12. Just add closes #12 in your commit message to close that issue automagically.


(c) 2010-12 Kevin Bruton

You are free to modify the source, provider XML files.

Please contact the author should you wish to licence the sourcecode in a commercial application.

Licensed under the GPL, Version 3

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