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Thanks for taking the time to contribute!

The following is a set of instructions and guidelines for contributing to the Open Quant Live Book Initiative.

Contribution Licensing

This work is licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International. Hence, contributions that you make are licensed under the same terms.

What languanges should you use?

You can code in any language. However, you need to submit your Chapter in markdown or Rmarkdown.

Minimum Criteria

Your chapter and results should be reproducible and you should comply with the License of the project.

Project Structure

├── open-quant-live-book                           # Home directory
|   ├── _book                                      # Output book files (html/pdf/epub) directory
|   ├── chapters                                   # Book Chapters (markdown/rmarkdown)
|   ├── fig                                        # Figures that are common across the book

Submitting a Chapter

Step 1: Fork the repo

Step 2: Create self-contained Chapter directory

Create a self-contained folder under /Chapters with the code and markdown/Rmarkdown file of your chapter.

Step 3: Submit pull request

One of our admins will review your pull request and build the book. The output files (html for the ebook) will be available under the directory _book.

If you want to build the book yourself before submitting a pull request

Sotfware Requirements

You should install the following software:

  • Bookdown
  • R
  • R-Studio

Getting Started

  1. Fork the project or download it as a .zip file
  2. Open the bookdown project on R-Studio (bookdown-demo.Rproj)
  3. Open the R Markdown file index.Rmd and click the button Build Book on the Build tab of RStudio (top right-hand corner).

You can build the book as a .pdf, epub, or gitbook (renders as a web-page in the gitbook style). The output files will be available in the folder _book.

Integrating your new Chapter into the book

After you create your folder under /Chapters with the code and markdown/Rmarkdown file of your chapter, you need to add the path to the markdown file of your Chapter to the file _bookdown.yml located in the root folder of the repo. Now when you build the book it will contain your Chapter in it.

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