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+- Fetching a batch of objects are now done through one pipeline, effectively
+ reducing the IO to just 2 operations (one for SMEMBERS / LRANGE, one for
+ the actual HGET of all the individual HASHes.)
+- write_remote / read_remote have been replace with set / get respectively.
+- Ohm::Model.uniqque has been added.
+- Ohm::Model::Set has been renamed to Ohm::Set
+- Ohm::Model::List has been renamed to Ohm::List
+- Ohm::Model::Collection is gone.
+- Ohm::Validations is gone.
+- Ohm::Key is gone.
+- No more concept of volatile keys.
+- Ohm::Model::Wrapper is gone.
+- Use Symbols for constants instead of relying on Ohm::Model.const_missing.
+- #sort / #sort_by now uses `limit` as it's used in redis-rb, e.g. you
+ have to pass in an array like so: sort(limit: [0, 1]).
+- Set / List have been trimmed to contain only the minimum number
+ of necessary methods.
+- You can no longer mutate a collection / set as before, e.g. doing
+ User.find(...).add(User[1]) will throw an error.
+- #union has been added. You can now chain it with your filters.
+- Temporary keys when doing finds are now automatically cleaned up.
+- counters are now stored in their own key instead, i.e. in
+ User:<id>:counters.
+- JSON support is now explicitly required by doing `require ohm/json`.
+- All save / delete / update operations are now done using CAS
+ (see check and set in
+- All indices are now stored as is (without converting to base64).

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