jQuery plugin that try to parse Thai (especially Thai-style) phone numbers, and render it as <a href="tel:*"/> links, or render/do whatever you want.
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This plugin is written for dealing with (mainly, actually only) Thai phone numbers, especially unformatted, Thai-(various)-styles numbers, to be able to use with tasks which requires proper formatted phone numbers. For example, to pass phone numbers to some phone call management apps/softwares via <a href="tel:*"></a> link protocol.


See https://www.sovoboys.net/github/jquery.thaitel


Creat element(s), and add phone number(s) to its [data-phone-number] attribute, for example..

<!-- single and simple one number -->
<div data-phone-number="+66 2 345 6789"></div>

<!-- range numbers (notice 89-91), and multi numbers seperated using comma -->
<div data-phone-number="02-345-6789-91, 098-765-4321"></div>

<!-- data-force-cc are optional -->
<div data-phone-number="055 666777" data-force-cc="+66"></div>

And include jQuery and plugin:

<script type="text/javascript" src="/path/to/jquery.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="/path/to/jquery.thaitel.js"></script>

And call the plugin


You may pass (object) options, for example

  forceUseCC: '+66',
  render: function () { /* to create your new own way to render links, or something */ }

Or, you may pass one or two functions as options.render and options.fail, for example

$('[data-phone-number]').thaiTel(function () {
  /* first  param as options.render */
}, function () {
  /* second param as options.fail   */


Key Accept values Default value Description
forceUseCC string ("+66" or "0"), null null Returned numbers by this call may be forced to use this value as country code. (This value may be set individually for each element via [data-force-cc] - see Usage and Example)
maxGeneratedRange (Natural) Integer 20 Maximum phone number to be generated for Thai-style range. All range numbers may be discarded if range numbers are more than this value.
render function (function to render numbers as Twitter Bootstrap v3's .btn-group) Called when one or more numbers returned after parsed.
fail function (function similar as render, but only for input value) Called when no numbers returned after parsed.


(function) options.render will be called if one or more phone numbers parsed and returned.

Argument No. Argument data type Description Example
1 (Array contains one or more objects) All parsed phone numbers (see Parsed phone numbers data below)
2 (jQuery instance) current $(element) -
3 (String)                               Input data ([data-phone-number] attribute value) "098-765-4321"

Parsed phone number data

// example
  wellFormed:        true,
  raw:               "+66 (0)98-765-4321 (Ext. 112)"
  cc:                "+66",
  number:            "987654321",
  number_p1:         "98",
  number_p2:         "7654321",
  isHomeNumber:      false,
  isMobileNumber:    true,
  postfix:           "(Ext. 112)",
  parsed:            "+66987654321",
  parsedForceCC:     "0987654321",
  formatted:         "+6698-765-4321",

Custom render() example

For example: to change render way to just display parsed phone numbers as ul > li list into the element.

  render: function (numbers, $element, rawData) {
    let $ul = $('<ul></ul>');
    numbers.forEach(function (number) {


(function) options.fail is similar as options.render, except it will be called if none of phone numbers be parsed and return.

Argument No. Argument data type Description Example
1 (jQuery instance) current $(element) -
2 (String)                               Input data ([data-phone-number] attribute value) "Some invalid input"

Custom fail() example

For example: to add div.alert.alert-warning into the element.

  fail: function ($element, rawData) {
      $('<div></div>').addClass('alert alert-warning').text('No phone numbers parsed.')


This plugin CANNOT GUARANTEE the accuracy of any data conversion. Users may be charges for dialing to wrong numbers.


WTFPL License