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Yes, your Arduino can replace an expensive JTAG cable!
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The JTAG Whisperer

A crude attempt at teaching an Arduino to send JTAG commands in XSVF files.


First of all, don't get your hopes up; it doesn't work yet. Now that that's out of the way...

Hook up your target's JTAG pins as follows:

  • Pin 8 to TMS.
  • Pin 9 to TDI.
  • Pin 10 to TDO.
  • Pin 11 to TCK.

Do whatever you need to do to power the device. Then try asking it its device ID as follows:

send_xsvf XC9572XL/DeviceID.xsvf /dev/tty.wherever_your_arduino_is

Although the DeviceID.xsvf file was generated with the XC9572XL in mind, it ought to fail in a meaningful way (noting that the returned ID doesn't match) with another device.


By Mike Tsao. Project on GitHub.

Many thanks to Ben, who adapted the Xilinx XAPP058 code into something comprehensible.

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