Allows to compile Kotlin/Native projects using gradle, openjdk with wine
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This container includes gradle, openjdk and wine in a single image and provides some useful things to compile windows and linux libraries and executables of Kotlin/Native projects.

This docker is built automatically here:

Build and run HelloWorld

pushd hello-world

echo Building and running windows...
./gradlew_win compileKonan
./wine build/konan/bin/mingw_x64/HelloWorld.exe

echo Building and running linux...
./gradlew_linux compileKonan
./linux build/konan/bin/linux_x64/HelloWorld.kexe



gradlew_win is a small script that you can copy to your project where the gradlew.bat file is, and it will launch gradle for windows in the container.

You can try to change the SUFFIX=-win to SUFFIX= to your host folders to reuse things, but be careful since that might screw things (untested).


gradlew_linux is a small script that you can copy to your project where the gradlew file is, and it will launch gradle for linux in the container.


./wine is a small script that you to run a headless wine inside the container to test cli windows application you can place it along the gradlew_win script to run your generated programs without having to install wine in your host.


If you have WINE installed, and the oraclejdk or openjdk installed, you can use gradlew_wine. It will run faster.

You can also place symbolik links from your .wine prefix .gradle, .m2, .konan to your user's host folder to be able to reuse artifacts.

Delete or remoname $HOME/.wine/drive_c/users/$USERNAME/.gradlem .m2 and .konan folders before doing the symbolic linking in the case they exists already.


#ln -s $HOME/.gradle $HOME/.wine/drive_c/users/$USERNAME/.gradle # doesn't look like a good idea because there is information about the daemons
ln -s $HOME/.m2 $HOME/.wine/drive_c/users/$USERNAME/.m2
ln -s $HOME/.konan $HOME/.wine/drive_c/users/$USERNAME/.konan