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soywiz - Starting support for classes
- Support for global and static keywords on functions
- Added fopen, feof, fwrite, fread, fclose, scandir
- Added is_file, is_dir, file_get_contents
- Added ob_get_level, ob_start, ob_get_contents, ob_clean, ob_end_clean, ob_end_flush, ob_get_clean
- Added phpinfo, var_export, var_dump and improved print_r, register_shutdown_function
- Added support for "resources"
- Improved break / continue with level support.
- Support for __FILE__ and __DIR__
- Added simple command line support to NPhp (you can pass a file and it will execute it)
- Implemented operators '===' and '!==='
- Support for break/continue on foreach
- Case insensitive constants
- Added partial cast support
- Some more fixes to substr
- Added support for silence operator @
- Added some predefined constants related to relevant PHP information
Latest commit 75b1858 Feb 26, 2012
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Php54Grammar.cs - Starting support for classes Feb 26, 2012