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Integration tests for Sozu

Experimental test suite for Sozu



  • Gradle 4.8 at least
  • OpenJDK 1.8
  • Docker 1.6.0 at least
  • An environment with more than 2GB free disk space

NOTE: You don't have to install gradle to run the tests. This repository provide a gradle wrapper binary: gradlew that contain Gradle.

Network (temporary until fixed)

You must create a local bridge network named "my-net": docker network create --driver=bridge --subnet= my-net Use this subnet in your Sozu config.toml for the backends address.


gradle build or ./gradlew build with the gradle wrapper.

Run the test suite

gradle test or ./gradlew test (add --info or --debug) to run the tests suite.

**Run only one test:**s

./gradlew test --tests "<testClass>.<testName>" --info

e.g.: ./gradlew test --tests "SozuContainerTest.testRetryPolicy" --info

This can take additional time to run the test suite the first time because of the download (and buid) of the docker images. testcontainers doesn't check if the local docker image of your container as the same version as the one on docker hub. So you have to docker pull <your image> if you work with docker image from docker HUB in your tests.

You can set the path to a local sozu Dockerfile with SOZU_DOCKERFILE env variable to avoid to download the sozu image from dockerhub.

NOTE: To avoid that you can build your container from a local Dockerfile: This example use the Classpath to store the Dockerfile.

public class MyContainer {

    public MyContainer() {
                new ImageFromDockerfile()
                    .withFileFromClasspath("Dockerfile", "path/to/Dockerfile")


Add a new test Class

  1. Create a new test file in src/test/java
  2. Put all your config file in src/test/resources to retrieve them from the Classpath
  3. Create a new test Class
  4. Define the containers you want to run at the start of your test suite as fields of your Class and add @Rule on them (that'll be use by testcontainers). You can still create them in the @Before or in your tests method.
  5. gradle test or ./gradlew test to run the test suite.


public class MyContainer<SELF extends MyContainer<SELF>> extends GenericContainer<SELF> {

    public static final String IMAGE = "helloworld";
    public static final String DEFAULT_TAG = "latest";

    // Get image from dockerHUB
    public MyContainer() {
        super(IMAGE+ ":" + DEFAULT_TAG);

    protected void configure() {
        // use with* method to change the docker run command

    // Build the URL to connect to your container with a mapped port
    public URL getBaseUrl(String scheme, int port) throws MalformedURLException {
        return new URL(scheme + "://" + getContainerIpAddress() + ":" + getMappedPort(port));

Add a new type of container

  1. Create a new Class file in src/main/java
  2. Extend them from GenericContainer: <SELF extends NodeBackendContainer<SELF>> extends GenericContainer<SELF>
  3. (optional) To modify the docker image you have to do this in the constructor with the method with* e.g.: withFileFromClasspath
  4. (optional) To modify the docker run command generate by testcontainers you have to do this in @Override protected void configure()

See here for more information

NOTE: Use the getMappedPort(<port>) to get the host port mapped to the exposed port in the container.


public class MyContainerTest {
    public MyContainer myContainer = new MyContainer();

    public void testConnectionForMyContainer() throws Exception {
        URLConnection urlConnection = myContainer.getBaseUrl().openConnection();
        BufferedReader reader = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(urlConnection.getInputStream()));
        String line = reader.readLine();
        assertEquals("A message", line);

Known issues

Can't get Docker image

Sometime libcontainers fail at download the docker images due to a network problem during the first run or when these are not already present in the host. You can just replay the test suite to fix this.

    ✘ classMethod
      org.testcontainers.containers.ContainerFetchException: Can't get Docker image: org.testcontainers.images.builder.ImageFromDockerfile@1dfc4dc1

SozuContainerTest > classMethod FAILED
    org.testcontainers.containers.ContainerFetchException: Can't get Docker image: org.testcontainers.images.builder.ImageFromDockerfile@1dfc4dc1
        Caused by:
        com.github.dockerjava.api.exception.DockerClientException: Could not build image: The command '/bin/sh -c npm install' returned a non-zero code: 1