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Setting up the front end: 

0. Set up your environment: cd code;bundle install, cd rails;bundle install. Work through the numerous issues you'll probably have in getting set up to our environment.

1. Create the following local config files: 


(The settings in these fiels should be identical.)
(Also, you need to make sure that you're mysql configuration is all UTF8'd out, or else you'll run into problems with many of the analytics)

2. Create the production, development, and test databases you specify in the configs above:
  a. cd code
  b. rake db:migrate (default env is production)
  c. rake db:seed

3. Startup the site and create your account:
	a. cd rails
	b. rails s
	c. Open
	d. Sign in with your twitter account - the first researcher created is automatically made an admin.
	e. Create your first dataset

4. Startup worker tasks:

  - To start term pulls: cd code/api_methods;ruby filter.rb track
  - To start location pulls: cd code/api_methods;ruby filter.rb locations
  - To start user pulls: cd code/api_methods;ruby filter.rb follow
  (append a "d /some/dir/path" to define a non-default location for tmp data storage)
  (define machines on the site to add non-default final data locations as well; default goes to code/raw_catalog and code/rendered_output)
  - To start worker: cd code/workers;ruby worker.rb
  - To start importer: cd code/workers;ruby importer.rb

5. 140kit needs at least one Twitter Account to use for streaming data collection. To specify an account, click on "Twitter Accounts Management" and create a new auth_user with an existing Twitter account and password. For testing and such, you can probably just use your personal twitter account (you ARE on Twitter, right??)