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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import json
import twitter_text
def get_entities(tweet):
extractor = twitter_text.Extractor(tweet['text'])
# Note: the production Twitter API contains a few additional fields in
# the entities hash that would require additional API calls to resolve
# See API resources that offer the include_entities parameter for details.
entities = {}
entities['user_mentions'] = []
for um in extractor.extract_mentioned_screen_names_with_indices():
entities['hashtags'] = []
for ht in extractor.extract_hashtags_with_indices():
# Massage field name to match production twitter api
ht['text'] = ht['hashtag']
del ht['hashtag']
entities['urls'] = []
for url in extractor.extract_urls_with_indices():
return entities
if __name__ == '__main__':
# A mocked up array of tweets for purposes of illustration.
# Assume tweets have been fetched from the /search resource or elsewhere.
tweets = \
'text' : 'Get @SocialWebMining example code at #w00t'
# ... more tweet fields ...
# ... more tweets ...
for tweet in tweets:
tweet['entities'] = get_entities(tweet)
print json.dumps(tweets, indent=1)
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