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121 one to one
a/s/l age, sex, location
adn any day now
afaik as far as I know
afk away from keyboard
aight alright
alol actually laughing out loud
b4 before
b4n bye for now
bak back at the keyboard
bf boyfriend
bff best friends forever
bfn bye for now
bg big grin
bta but then again
btw by the way
cid crying in disgrace
cnp continued in my next post
cp chat post
cu see you
cul see you later
cul8r see you later 
cya bye
cyo see you online 
dbau doing business as usual 
fud fear, uncertainty, and doubt 
fwiw for what it's worth 
fyi for your information
g grin 
g2g got to go 
ga go ahead 
gal get a life 
gf girlfriend 
gfn gone for now
gmbo giggling my butt off 
gmta great minds think alike 
h8 hate
hagn have a good night 
hdop help delete online predators 
hhis hanging head in shame 
iac in any case 
ianal I am not a lawyer
ic I see 
idk I don't know 
imao in my arrogant opinion
imnsho in my not so humble opinion 
imo in my opinion 
iow in other words 
ipn I’m posting naked 
irl in real life 
jk just kidding
l8r later
ld later, dude 
ldr long distance relationship 
llta lots and lots of thunderous applause 
lmao laugh my ass off
lmirl let's meet in real life 
lol laugh out loud
ltr longterm relationship 
lulab love you like a brother 
lulas love you like a sister 
luv love
m/f male or female 
m8 mate
milf mother I would like to fuck
oll online love 
omg oh my god
otoh on the other hand 
pir parent in room
ppl people
r are
rofl roll on the floor laughing
rpg role playing games
ru are you
shid slaps head in disgust
somy sick of me yet
sot short of time 
thanx thanks
thx thanks
ttyl talk to you later 
u you
ur you are
uw you’re welcome 
wb welcome back 
wfm works for me 
wibni wouldn't it be nice if 
wtf what the fuck
wtg way to go
wtgp want to go private
ym young man