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I'm happy for him...really, I am. She's an amazing girl, and they deserve each other. He's happy & thats all that matters...right?.....
Feel so happy with no reason... Just happy... Hey my brain, am I missing something? :))
We finished our first season of @TheBEATDance & I am so happy & proud & thankful & overwhelmed & lots of other good stuff! So Amazing #2013
am i allowed to be happy about something, or do yo wanna distroy the little i have left?
I am so happy right now I can't even focus on anything else
Why am I being sneaked around her fam when I'm open about us.... But we both happy shit don't add up.
Heavens suppose to be the happiest place in the world I am happy everyday with the people I love but I feel like I live in heaven everyday:)
I am so happy since I have get an $100,00 STARBUCKS GIFT-CARD for Free. I grab it here
I am one #happy girl :)